YES I have cellulite

“I would not want [Kim’s butt] — it’s gross! It reminds me of cottage cheese inside a big trash bag.” Who doesn’t remember that infamous line by Paris Hilton?!

Okay, so I have cellulite. There, I said it, and I can’t even blame my genes because despite being in her mid 60s, my mother barely has any (thanks a lot, Mum!). Here I am at 27, well on my way to that cottage cheese life.

I used to have a little cellulite on my thighs but over the last few years, it’s got worse…and I bet I’m not alone, am I right?!

It has made me a little more insecure and makes me think twice about wearing any kind of shorts, even in my bikini on holidays I wonder if people are grossed out by my body.

As I am a member of Fernwood Gym, I have seen SCULPTT for sale. Like a lot of products, I  thought to myself, “it probably doesn’t work” but after much frustration that my cellulite was not budging, I reached out to SCULPTT to give their products a go. And here we are:

The product’s purpose is to target the appearance of cellulite and fat deposits – can I get a hallelujah?! That said, please don’t buy 10 bottles and slather this all over your body thinking you’re going to go from a size 16 to 6 in a month. Hate to say is sista, but you are not. This is not a miracle cream. Trust me, if it were, this post would be coming to you live from KFC.

For me, I am not overweight. I carry most of my fat on my hips and stomach area – btw who even thought you could get cellulite on your stomach? Turns out, you can. I learned that the hard way.

My butt area has a few dimples. I think it just wanted to get Miranda Kerr inspired in all the wrong places – bless it. And the tops of my thighs, well, they’re almost ready for their cottage cheese commercial, as I said.

Before starting treatment, I recommend taking a ‘before’ photo. The changes may be subtle so it’s good to be able to look back and compare.

Note: I was going to share my ‘before’ images on the blog, but out of respect for my partner and family – as well as saving my dignity in the office! – I have chosen not to. I hope you can respect my decision.

I have been using this product for around 6 weeks. I try to apply it to my upper legs, buttocks and tummy every day, though I do miss some days ‘cos, ya know, life happens.  

Simply apply to your body and massage the product into your skin twice a day – great excuse for a massage from your man, gals. You might feel a slight warming sensation after application – don’t panic like I did! It’s totally normal. It’s the result of an ingredient called PPC – just make sure you wash your hands afterwards.

Ready for the good news, ladies?! This product has worked for me! Okay, I still have cellulite,  BUT it’s a lot smoother and less intense. My legs and bum definitely look firmer.

SCULPTT has an active ingredient called PPC (Phosphatidylcholine), and the key purpose is to break down fat deposits in your body.

SCULPTT have also been included in this year’s Academy Awards Four Seasons hotel gift bags – yep, seriously. Congratulations to the team on that! Thanks to SCULPTT, I’m looking forward to wearing shorts and short dresses again, and showing off my new smooth, dimple free thighs!

For more information visit SCULPTT’s website here. Keen for a $20 voucher to give them a try? Holla at and I’ll pop one in the post to a few of my lucky readers.

This post was not sponsored by SCULPTT, though the product was gifted for review on Insincerely Her. All cellulite tales and new found smoothness my own, however!

Editing by Emma Edwards, Copywriter & Social Content Creator