Winter Switch

I was pretty excited when I received the iconic blue box from Bella Box in the mail this month. I used to have a subscription but unfortunately I had to cut some monthly expenses – and my Bella Box had to give. Damn you adulting. [enter I don’t want to adult today meme here.]

Am I the only one who lets myself go a bit in winter?! I omit fake tanning and moisturising and opt for hair-laden legs and a little extra winter thigh fat, and hibernate behind a big snood and coat for 3-5 months. Oh, and my hair has that cute chilly frizz to it, too. Glam, right? Thank goodness I am leaving for America in a few weeks to escape this depressing Melbourne winter!

I’ve been trying to make Sundays my ‘me’ day. Working full time, running a blog, being in a relationship and keeping up with my social calendar (I know, I know, first world problems) – but it keeps me busy, and sometimes I just need a break.

My perfect Sunday would involve taking a bath with candles around me, a good book and trying a whole bunch of new beauty products. Then I’d take a nana nap and wake up at around 6pm to some a bowl of cheesy carbs. Bliss. So last Sunday I did exactly that, with my Bella Box – and of course, here I am to tell you what I think of each product. You lucky little things.

So, what was in my box, you ask!? Here we go:


It’s funny I received this in my box just now, as I am currently in between two homes. I drive  back and forth – even though it’s only 5 minutes – but constantly packing an overnight bag is a pain. I am constantly forgetting something; socks, undies, you name it – I’ll have forgotten it at some stage. The other day I went to brush my teeth and couldn’t find my toothpaste – and I was not prepared to scour the in-laws’ place for it. 


I’ve mentioned my love of teeth whitening before – I’ll only ever buy Colgate. It’s a brand I trust and believe in. I love the Optic White for getting rid of that fuzzy feeling, my coffee addict breath and of course the whitening effects are really noticeable.



I have tried teatoxes in the past and actually loved the flavour, so I was looking forward to trying the tea Skin Magic blend. The packaging was great and the sample was really generous. I loved the flavour – it was the perfect in between for me as I’m not a huge tea lover. It was mild enough for me to enjoy a cup everyday, and it’s a real winter warmer and the perfect detoxing element of my ‘me’ days!


This was a product I hadn’t heard of, but I love face masks in winter. I’m actually saving it for a special Sunday occasion as it helps tone up and brighten your skin – ideal for a hungover sunday, right?! I think the vitamin C components will help get my skin looking vibrant again. 



I have wet wipes everywhere. In my car, in my handbag, in my desk draw, in my bathroom. They’re my saviour. I tend to buy the ones that are on special offer (all about those deals), so I’m excited to have a nice high quality pack to add to my collection! These don’t strip my skin of its natural oils, either, which is a bonus! 



I love a fresh set of nails, but I hate having to go to the salon and get a soak off followed by a fresh set – it takes forever! I have been reading up about this Gelogic polish, and it dries super quickly without need for UV or LED light – I can’t wait to try it! Unfortunately I had just had SNS nails done so I haven’t gotten around to testing the Gelogic one just yet. 



Shout out to the dry lip queen – me!. I always get dry lips, I swear. The chapped life chose me. Legit. This lip balm is for more severe cracked lips, so if you’re anything like me and the winter makes your sore lips all the more painful, this is for you! This lip balm is going to rescue my lips this winter!



I have used this product in the past – it’s great! I love applying it to my skin before bed. When I wake up my skin feels super soft. To be honest, the product can be a little sticky for some people, but I quite like that feeling on my skin. Best of all, it has active ingredients to decrease wrinkles. Sold? I am! 


So there you go. I’m so excited that I have a few new goodies to get me through this winter.

I’m almost tempted to start up my direct debit with Bella Box again… Rihanna was right about the work work work work thing right?

Bella box have three different boxes: BELLABOX, BELLOBOX (for you lads) and BELLABABY (perfect for the mum to be or bub on the way).

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For more information on Bellabox, visit the website here and please remember to unwind and take care of yourself this winter! 

Editing by Emma Edwards, Copywriter & Social Content Creator