When you love a glass – okay, a bottle! – of red wine, and have multiple cups of coffee a day, your teeth tend to get a lovely yellow glow, right? Who’s with me?

I have had zoom whitening, chair whitening… I am a little obsessed with white teeth. What annoys me is spending so much on my teeth and the result not lasting. 

I have heard of White Glo, but haven’t ever tried it. I honestly thought it wouldn’t work, but being the white teeth obsessed lady that I am, I thought why not give it a go?!

As I had an engagement party coming up, it was time to get my coffee stained teeth in check. I thought I would try the White Glo Diamond series. It came with a mouth tray, gel and professional choice toothpaste. You had me at “whiter teeth in 7 days or get your money back.”


First things first, you apply gel to the tube on both sides (wash tray before using) and leave in your mouth for 5 minutes. I find its easier to go lay down for 5 minutes than stand up but that’s just me. Who doesn’t love a 5 minute lay down?!

After 5 mins, simply rinse your mouth with water. I liked to brush my teeth straight after, too. I did this for 7 days in the evening but still continued to drink my multiple cups of coffee! I also used the White Glo Diamond White Toothpaste either in the morning or night to get an extra glow.

Did it work?

It made my teeth feel a lot cleaner. If you’re a coffee guzzler like me, you’ll know that fury feeling, so I was happy to get rid of that with each application! My teeth were definitely brighter. As for whiter, they were a little, but not as white as I’d have liked. I could still see a difference, though, and I’d be happy to continue with this to see how white I can get my teeth.

I also have been using the Bright Nights – Dissolving Whitening Films. You basically just add a strip to your teeth and it dissolves! At first, it tastes a little weird, kinda like a really strong breath mint but it gets better. I have been using these before heading out. My teeth look so white with a red lippy, so these make a great top up.

White Glo is an affordable teeth whitening option, and I look forward to trying more from there range soon. It’s easy to see why they are rated the number 1 most effective whitening toothpaste!

To find out more visit their website here.

Pre event glam. Love a onesie
Pre event glam. Love a onesie

Disclaimer: This product was gifted to me from Sweaty Betty Pr for review on Insincerely Her, but all opinions and white teeth obsessions my own.

All editing by Emma Edwards, Copywriter & Social Content Creator www.cocopopscouture.com