If you keep up to date with my blog you would know I am a huge fan of designer rentals, from The Birdcage Stylist to Something Borrowed. Now there is a new shop on the block. Alex Osmond is the young owner of Her Wardrobe, since she ended up spending over $14k on dresses she had only wore once and decided to start renting her designer outfits out. She has loaned out to socialites and is a hit when it comes to weddings, birthdays and events.

Spending over $500 on a dress and only wearing it once can be very hard on the pocket (especially mine) so being able to rent out a dress for under $200 or less is a saviour, especially during wedding season and spring racing (she also hires out head pieces and clutches).

I had the pleasure of attending Her Wardrobe’s showroom, and it was stocked with the most beautiful and current dresses. I was a little on edge and insecure that my body was not up for these gorgeous dresses, but Alex made the process as easy as possible and we settled on a beautiful Nicolas The Label dress for me to wear to spring racing.


Enjoy my Q&A with Alex below.


How easy is it to rent an outfit from ‘Her Wardrobe’?

Very! Her Wardrobe is one of the only dress rental websites in Australia with an online booking system that allows you to view when a dress is available and select your preferred delivery date on the spot. You simply choose a dress you love, select a 4 or 8 day rental period, choose your delivery date and checkout as per any normal online store.

Our prices include express shipping, a prepaid return envelope and dry cleaning so you really don’t have to do anything but enjoy your outfit.

What current designers do you have on offer?

We currently stock Aurelio Costarella, Josh Goot, White Suede, Nicholas, Nicola Finetti, By Johnny & Yeojin Bae. We buy 90% of our stock directly from our designers which allows us to carry a variety of sizes and also refresh our collection with new pieces every season.

Why do you think renting designer outfits has become so popular over the last few years?

For the most part I think it has become popular because there are businesses actually making it possible for women to rent designer clothing and accessories. Renting fashion has been big business overseas for almost a decade now, and it is exciting to see the concept taking off in Australia.

I believe renting fashion will continue to grow in popularity because it gives women the opportunity to wear beautiful clothing without impacting their financial stability. Once you begin to understand just how much money you can save by renting special occasion clothing, and how easy and practical the service is, it is hard to go back to dropping $800 on a dress every other weekend!

Describe your wardrobe in three words.

Diverse, Colourful, Memorable

What can we expect to see from ‘Her Wardrobe’ over the next 12 months?

2016 is our second year in business and we are really looking forward to expanding our brand offering, introducing a wider range of sizes including more dresses in Sz 12 & 14, introducing international labels to our collection and continuing to delight our customers both new and old.

Playing dress ups was fun (Ignore the face)

White Suede: Geo lace skirt & top rent 



Felt great in my dress thank you Alex