Wellness Loading

I had the pleasure of being invited to Andi Lew’s  book launch for her book ‘Wellness Loading’. To be perfectly honest, I did not know too much about Andi, all I knew was that I had seen her face at a few events and just thought she was gorgeous.

The launch was being held at Dymocks on Chapel Street. I thought to myself when was the last time I actually walked into a bookstore?

Andi mentioned how Borders (for those who don’t know, Borders was a bookstore with a café in it) had shut down due to the digital era we now live in.

I used to love going to Borders on my lunch break and ‘disconnecting’ and reading all the magazines and purchasing a new fashion book. It really was an hour of my work day where I would just zone out. I don’t remember being on my phone during this time, my head was simply down enjoying some ‘me’ time with a great book or magazine.

‘Wellness Loading’ is Andi’s sixth book and I am sure it won’t be her last. Guests were treated to delicious ice cream thanks to Cocofrio, which was what I needed after a day of juices.

I had been in contact with a fellow blogger, Emma about a few collaborations though I actually had never meet her until this book launch.

We meet via a Facebook ‘blogger’ group and I thought I would invite her along. I was a little nervous (think blind date in a non romantic way) … haha, but think we clicked pretty instantly. It was really great to talk all things blog and I do hope we will have a second date. Check out her blog here.

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When Andi spoke she was just so warm and humble and so appreciative, it was really beautiful to hear. I loved how she talked about paying it forward. Its something I too really believe in.


The whole disconnect to reconnect side of things I was a little confused by. I assure you though, that after reading the book in a space of three hours on a Friday night that I now get it, but you will have to wait for my book review via the next post.

Thank you as always to the hardest working lady in Melbourne, Helen Reizer for the invite.

Enjoy some images from the launch thanks to APL photography.

Buy your copy of Andi’s book here.