5 o’clock shadow

Recently while sitting in the office one of my colleagues mentioned that they could see my 5 o’clock shadow.

Now, I love honesty but how embarrassing!

I barely wear any makeup and have been trying to stretch out my waxing sessions to save a little cash for my wedding.

An average eyebrow wax at a half-decent beauty salon costs between $15-$19. I recently paid $29 just for my eyebrows, not to mention another $12 for my upper lip.

Do the math; a $12 upper-lip wax weekly over 52 weeks is $624 a year!

Doing this monthly can be expensive but being a female (even the lads), it’s just something we have to do. And due to medication I am taking, I can’t have laser hair-removal and I am not a fan of threading, so waxing is the best thing for me.

Lucky me, I received a parcel full of Waxaway goodies for me to trial to feature on my blog.

I received the Aquawax Roll-on Kit, which comes with three unique, roller heads. I used this kit to wax my thigh hair, I just had to place the cartridge in the microwave for 10 seconds and roll onto my skin. Make sure you have a strong hand when rolling. Simply add a strip (which is included in the kit) and wax against the grain.

I found it easy to use, but what I liked most was that I could go straight to the shower afterwards, as there is no sticky residue! This product is water soluble, suitable for use on all areas including: face, bikini, legs and body and is also vegan friendly.

The second product I used was the Precision Wax Wand. I found this product a little tricky to use but quite enjoyed it around my eyebrows, especially the sides! I struggled with my upper lip though. You simply need to twist the wand, apply where needed and wax off.

I like to get my forearms waxed professionally, but tend to cancel due to a lack of funds, leaving me fully sleeved until my next appointment.

And while I am not a hairy beast, I do love a hair-free body, so I decided to try the Waxaway Ready To Use Wax Strips that come in a gorgeous blue package for face and body.

The pack comes with 20 ready-to-use pre-waxed strips. You basically warm the strips by rubbing between your hands, separate and apply to your skin. Then you simply remove in the opposite direction to hair growth. Within 10 minutes, I was done with both my legs (I did half legs) and only used around 5 strips. I was very impressed as you can see from my before and after pictures, below.

I have also been using the facial strips for my upper lip on a weekly basis, which has been fantastic for my pocket!

I have since purchased two packets of the Ready-To-Use packs and every time I go to Priceline they are out of stock, so make sure to stock-up ladies! Check out where to buy them here.

My packs also came with after-wax oil, which removes any residual wax and feels great on the skin.

Waxaway have a great range of other products that can be found here.

Happy waxing and goodbye 5 o’clock shadow!




Hairy arm alert
Rub strips together and separate
Hair gone alert
And just like that I have a hairless arm.
And just like that I have a hairless arm.