VAMFF 2017

As many of you know I attended the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival this year. You would have already seen all the amazing street style outfits, all you favourite celebrities/socialites in only the best, along with all the wardrobe envy outfits on the runway.

I wanted to write about how the festival has made me feel this year, and to be honest It made me feel very insecure. From my weight to my looks I am just feeling down and am comparing the way I look to others especially the bloggers who I adore so much.

I am sure you all think I am so confident with how I look and my make up free selfies and I am to a certain extent. I use humour to cover up my insecurities and get called ‘real’ on the daily. I love that so many ladies can relate to me in some way.

Being a every day girl (z list blogger). I don’t have a glam team or a stylist or have been blessed with Bec Judd skinny genetic genes.

I even beat myself up about my car.. my good old Holden Barina! While all these other ‘bloggers’ where getting rides in sponsored Mercedes I was beating myself up about my car?

Don’t get me wrong I had such an amazing time with my girls and hope I won’t be feeling this way next year and need to remember to love me for me and have a little more confidence.

Lets change the mood of this post and talk about my VAMFF highlights:

· Sitting second row at the Next show. We were literally behind @whatwouldkarldo, @sanchia_sevel & @vydia #pinchme

· The Priceline vending machine! Such a cute idea for a wonderful cause.

· Sipping champagne even though I was the designated driver.

· Metting Sophie Cachia @theyoungmummy.

· Getting our photos taken by random photographers. Who doesn’t love to feel like a celebrity?

· The mojito fairy floss! So delicious thanks Virgin Australia

Sorry that this post is a little downer but I am so glad VAMFF is over. My outfit disaster coming soon.

Has anyone every attend a event and feel like shit after it? Or am I just having a bad mental week.. I have been told its a full moon and Virgos are going a little cray cray haha..