Unwind with Pranamat

When you have been sitting on your ass in the office since you were 19! If you’re anything like me, your back can get a little on the hunch and ache side. There is seriously nothing worse than back pain. Who agrees?

I came across Pranamat Eco via my Instagram feed and just had to try it out.

First impressions, it was packed brilliantly. Second impressions when unboxing – OMG how is this gonna be beneficial to my back?

This mat felt like I was walking into a rose bush but being the brave fearless blogger that I am, I laid on it and felt at ease within minutes.

I received the Pranamat Eco massage set which comes with a massage mat and massage pillow. I have been using the massage mat every few days in bed when reading a book or chilling on my couch on a rare lazy Sunday. I have found just using it for 10-15 minutes really makes my back feel as though it can breath again (which is perfect for another 9-5 day ahead!)

I even forced my partner to try it when all he was doing was whinging about his back hurting. Did he feel relief? Absolutely. *Rolls eyes* – told you so.

As for the Pranamat massage pillow, my mum has been using this to help with her leg pain and has found it to be a positive experience for her ageing chicken legs!

Pranamat is recommended for office workers, new mothers, stress heads and back pain sufferers. This would be perfect for students who sit at their desks all day too. I might even take mine to work!

Pranamat benefits:

  • Triggering the release of endorphins, your body’s natural painkillers, which are effective in blocking pain and creating a sense of well-being
  • Stimulating circulation, which increases the flow of oxygen-rich blood to overworked muscles
  • The warming in the muscles caused by increased circulation makes Pranamat ECO effective in the treatment of muscular pain and stiffness, including rheumatic pain, backache, fibrositis, lumbago and sciatica

I now look forward incorporating my my Pranamat into my daily routine to recharge my body. Highly recommend checking out.

For more information visit Pranamat here.