How to Turn Your Love for Fashion into a Career

It has been a while since I have had a guest contributor on Insincerely Her. I remember that years ago I reached out to Emilia Rossi, who owns a lifestyle and business blog. I asked her if there would be any collaborating opportunities for me to feature on her blog, and guess what—there was. The first time I saw my post live on a blog like Emilia’s I was so freaking excited. If you would like to check out my writing and pictures from my posts on her blog in 2013, follow these links below. 

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It was so fun to take a trip back in time reading these posts… I really appreciate Emilia having given me a go.

I may now own my own blog, but I still contribute when I can. I think it’s a great way to network and to get your name out there. I can’t wait to show you my next contribution on Who Loves That, but for now I am excited to introduce Sarah Perkins, who has written a wonderful piece on fashion that I know you’re all going to enjoy.

So you live and breathe fashion?

Your days consist of choosing what to wear, noticing what other people are wearing, reading about what celebrities are wearing and googling fashion jobs? If this sounds like you, maybe it’s time to make your dreams of a career in fashion a real, flesh and bones reality.

But how to go about it?

Everyone knows making your mark in the fashion world is a challenge. Even getting your foot in the door can prove an impossible task for some. So what can you do to improve your chances and make the first steps towards a career in fashion?

Do Your Research:

A career in fashion could mean many things. Do you want to market the work of designers, design your own clothes, decide which items should feature in which branch of a high street fashion store or write about the latest trends? Each and every career in fashion requires a different skill set. Research the career paths that interest you and try to develop the appropriate skills.

Attend a Course:

There are plenty of fashion courses to choose from. The one you opt for will depend upon your own career goals. A course can give you practical skills and, often, time spent within the industry. This gives you experience to talk about in interview and, also, the opportunity to impress industry influencers who may be able to help you when it comes to finding that first important job.

Create an Online Presence Maintaining a well-honed online presence has multiple benefits:

Firstly, with a great fashion blog or Instagram account, you get to connect with lots of like-minded and inspiring people on a daily basis. Secondly, if you lack experience in the fashion industry, having a way to prove your long-standing passion for and interest in fashion at interview is really useful. Keep Up-To-Date Whilst you may love shopping and putting an outfit together, are you aware of the latest catwalk trends? Educate yourself about different designers. Find out what you like and learn to talk about the intricacies of design. Taking a more serious approach to fashion and your own fashion knowledge will serve you well when it comes to internships, interviews or starting out on your own venture.


If you’re struggling to find a paid up job in fashion, consider interning. As an intern you’ll gain lots of experience and some industry contacts to boot. Some internships are advertised online. Others aren’t. It may be worth compiling a list of local fashion agencies and either giving them a call or sending an email to enquire about current opportunities.

Make Your Own Opportunities:

In these times of connectivity, making your own opportunities has never been easier. With a high profile Instagram account, you can make a living reviewing products and acting as a fashion influencer for brands. You could also set up your own fashion house, making or adapting garments and selling them online. The possibilities are endless.

Be Unswerving in Your Dedication:

To say the fashion industry is competitive is an understatement. It’s a cutthroat industry that millions of men and women around the world would kill to be a part of. You have to accept that there will be doors slammed in your face and people who say you’re not good enough. Besides ability in your chosen fashion field, you need a ton of dedication and ambition and a pretty thick skin to get where you want to go.

Building a career around something you’re passionate about can be the key to your happiness and success. By developing the right skills, experience and contacts, you could soon be on the way to gainful employment in the fashion world.

Edited by Geraldine Stallard,