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Trefiel, tres chic!

It’s party season ladies! Time to get your skin glowing the simple way.

Once again, while suffering from insomnia, I was doing my Instagram scrolling rounds when I came across Trefiel. Gorgeous girls taking selfies with awesome masquerade-inspired face masks.

I was delighted when I received my mask in the mail. The packaging was great, along with the directions on the back of the pack. I’m a huge fan of simplicity and it was straight to the point… Well done there.

I first applied the top half of the mask to my face then the bottom half, while trying to take a selfie. (which I definitely struggled at!)

Haha, definitely wasn’t SEXY, especially when I tried applying lipstick for it #fail.

I left the mask on for around 30 minutes, peeled it off, washed my face and applied a night cream. The mask felt very relaxing and cool on my skin; great after a long day at work. The area around my eyes felt surprisingly tighter, which is great as I am in my mid…okay late 20s.

My skin was glowing and when I applied my foundation it seemed to have set on my skin a lot better than usual. Usually, my skin can be patchy or discoloured after application.

The masks are super cute and affordable. Who wouldn’t love a Friday girl’s night-in, being pampered with these awesome masks?

Purchase yours here today.