My Top 4 Tips For Getting Organised In 2018

Hello December, I think you have come around a little too quick my friend! Anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed? I SURE AM! As we are at the end of the year, it’s nothing but finalising work commitments, running around like crazy getting last minute xmas gifts, having to attend multiple get-togethers whilst battling mental health and running a blog – I am a little on the AHHHH side of things… who’s with me?

As overwhelming as it is, we are almost there my friends. I would like to think I am quite organised and on top of things but hey, I do fail at this organising thing too. I am only human and not a Kardashian after all!

For 2018, I want to be on top of it all. My life is very GO-GO-GO and don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for all the opportunities that have come from my blog, but sometimes, it’s all a bit too much. My Monday to Friday job as a receptionist may not be as glam, but I love the company I work for – and I’m grateful that I have the flexibility and support from them to fulfil my duties for Insincerely Her.

So in the name of turning it all around, here’s my top 4 tips for getting organised in 2018:

STOP saying you will do it later

Example being, last night my partner said, ‘can you smell that?’ It was coming from the bin. I honestly couldn’t smell it, but later in the day, I noticed it. Instead of saying “I’ll do it later” or hearing the same from my partner, I just put it out and changed the bag. Problem solved! That wasn’t hard, was it!? Stop putting small jobs off and just do it NOW!

File your emails

When it comes to emails, they can easily be all over the shop. I like to logout of my emails on my phone as I find I can miss a few at times. I have around 5 email accounts to manage so it can get a little cray cray at times. I have created a folder for each client of mine and I file each email as it comes in to keep my inbox organised. I have also made a ‘follow up’ folder and a ‘completed’ folder. This is brilliant for following up on invoices, expected blogger mail and signing off on content. I love only having 10 emails to have to attend to when logging in.

Invest in a Justick board

I am constantly writing notes in my phone, emailing myself to do list, struggling to keep a diary neat – the list goes on. I came across a product called Justick, which is a pretty sexy little whiteboard if you ask me. If you’re a busy mum, teacher, office clerk or blogger, Justick is a new aged game changer for whiteboards. It basically ‘just sticks’, ladies.

I decided to give my Justick the Insincerely Her touch. As I will be on holidays for two weeks, I thought I would do a little planning for the first few months of the year. I added a motivational quote, a few pretty pics for inspo and viola – you have a modern day whiteboard. I find if a to-do list is in front of me I am more likely to get it done. Also my writing is a mess, so being able to print a template free from Justick, or make my own on Word, is super simple. The Justick Mini is in a league of its own – check out this video here.

Set Realistic Resolutions

If I am perfectly honest, I don’t really commit to resolutions as I’m rubbish at keeping them. But I know a lot of people who love the challenge of sticking to them. I personally prefer monthly resolutions – or whatever works for you. For me, committing to a gym or a group fitness and attending every class I say I am going to do is not possible with the lifestyle I live. Simply saying ‘I am gonna attend three out of 6 classes this month’ is much easier for me. Break it down and boost your chances of success – the satisfaction will probably keep you going! Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up. If you didn’t attend that class, save that extra 5 thousand dollars, study that evening course, think about what you HAVE achieved. Simply try and be a realist and if you fail. As cliché as it is, just try again.

How do you stay organised? I would love to hear your tips.

Post editing and photography was provided by Emma Edwards of blogger services company, Kitt Me Out. Find them on Instagram @kittmeout.