TIME to get digital

Who remembers magazines, CDs and newspapers? It seems they may slowly be coming to an end.

When I think of TIME, the first thing that comes to my mind is the bold, red border, and the influential figure on the cover. Believe it or not, even though most of you may think I just read Cosmopolitan or Vogue, I have read Time Magazine especially on long flights overseas.

I love seeing powerful figures like Obama on the cover as I adore him, and of course Kanye West because he is such a risk taker with a doesn’t-give-a-damn attitude (a bit like me). I read it because, perhaps one day, you might even see me on the cover of TIME! (Haha, maybe not!) We now live in the world of apps and TIME has jumped on board.   


Check out a demo of the app here.

I have the iPhone 6 Plus, so viewing Time Magazine via the app was just as good as having a magazine in my hands. The app comes with Icon Keys, which have video, audio, linked content, slide shows etc and you can flick through articles by simply swiping horizontally or vertically.

I really enjoyed my viewing of the free issue. It gave me a great insight into what to expect. I am looking forward to subscribing to the June 20th edition, which will feature the late Mohammed Ali on the cover.


I would LOVE for all my readers to check out TIME magazine via there app and explore the world of what quality content and journalism is. They are even offering 65% off subscription available until the end of June, how convenient.

Subscribe here.

Brought to you by Nuffnang and TIME Magazine.