Thunder Thighs

I am so excited and a little nervous to share this post with you all. I had the opportunity to try out Lipo Freeze at Smart Skin Clinics Coolaroo.

I have my own body demons like many. I have always hated my thighs. I have always been more bottom heavy. My thighs have made me cry. I don’t wear jeans because I feel like I look so big in them. I literally live in leggings and wear the occasional ‘jegging’ but still feel so self-conscious.

I have been called thunder thighs, been told I have drumstick legs… even Turkish legs.. what does that even mean?

I may joke about my thighs and play along with the bullying. The other day I was reminded I have a big nose.. thank you for telling me. I have been blessed with eyesight I don’t need the reminder.

Words can haunt you forever. They sure have haunted me.

I am not a big girl, I just know my body is very unproportioned.

There is nothing that pisses me off more than when people poke fun at my weight or tell me I don’t need to loose weight. It’s the bigger ones who I would love to tell to stop eating but can’t! That would be ‘mean’ or bullying right..? But It’s okay for them to discriminate my body shape.

Over the last year, I have stopped comparing my legs to Kendall Jenner or anyone else I see with AH-mazing skinny long legs for days and have embraced my curves and shape but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to improve them.

When I was given the opportunity to try this procedure I could not wait and wanted to share with you all what really happens, and an insight to my insecurities above.

Firstly what the hell is lipo freeze. Lipo freeze/cool slimming and cool sculpting seems to be the in thing at the moment. They are both very similar just with different names. YUP very easy to get confused! Ohh and Khloe K also swears by it. Sold? Keep reading!

Lipo Freeze is basically a fat freezing procedure for stubborn fat. Think inner thigh fat, double chin, love handles. You don’t need to go under any anaesthetic or worry about being cut up ladies, and absolutely no down time!

I was greeted by the lovely staff at Smart Skin Clinics and meet the lovely Fatima who explained to me in detail about what was gonna happen. I did do a lot of research prior to my treatment but it was great to have a refresher.

The room was very cosy which I think is an essential when getting a treatment. I decided to get my inner thighs and stomach area treated.

I was asked to take some before and after pics for you all and to put on a disposable g string and get on the bed. Sounds so sexy, doesn’t it?

Fatima applied what I would describe a cooling gel sheet onto the areas I was getting treated. I had two on each side of my thighs and one on my stomach area or what I would like to call my fat pot lol.


It was time to connect me to the cool slimming machine which had four attachments to it, meaning I could get treated four areas at the one time. I didn’t know what to expect. I was live on Instagram, answering questions, half naked being watched by my best friend and Fatima whilst in a G-banger. I found it hilarious.

Fatima basically applied one of the machine heads onto my stomach first and pressed a few buttons and voila my fat was getting sucked up and would never return. YES, you read right the FAT will never return it simply go elsewhere.

It didn’t hurt at all just kinda left me a little out of breath and grossed out to see all that fat rise up. I was also laughing a lot and was so was scared the machine head would fly off but Fatima assured me that’s not possible. I started at a higher temperature then went down to 9 degrees. The machine does its wonders for 45 minutes only.

I found that one side of my thighs did hurt a little but not massive pain just like a pinch. She was lovely advising me that I had barely any fat on my thighs.. to all those who bullied me about my thighs.. hope you read that line.

My beautiful fat
My beautiful fat

Having three heads from the machine at once just felt a little heavy but I would have the entire machine on me of it took all my fat off!!!! haha, I won’t lie I even googled these machines thinking how great would it be to attempt this at home.. do not attempt this yourself-people!

I honestly thought I would feel cold but I didn’t one bit. After the 45 minutes was done, Fatima pressed a button that massaged and released the machine head from my areas being treated and I was done.

I felt a little shaky and then felt cold when getting dressed. My stomach was red and felt really cold but besides that, I had zero side effects. I was expecting to have some bruising or minor pain but I was very lucky to have no side effects what so ever.

Today is a week since I have had my treatment. Does it work?.. well its too quick to tell. I do feel skinner around my love handles and mind you I have eaten pizza, KFC, Maccas since Friday and had a lot of alcohol. Results take around 6 weeks to see a difference after your treatment but final results take 12 weeks.

Thank god for laser hair removal sorting out my cha cha



SO I do apologise that I can’t tell you if I have seen a major difference after a week. I just wanted to let you know what’s expected as I got an overwhelming response to the treatment.

I did book in my second treatment in 8 weeks, for my body shape I only need another two sessions which will cost me $1200. When you meet the therapist on the day she will be able to discuss payment options along with how many treatments your body will need.

Smart Skin Clinics are currently offering half price on treatments which is fantastic value for money.
Prices can be found here.

The stunning Fatima
The stunning Fatima

Please remember if you are severely overweight this treatment isn’t for you but if you have stubborn fat like me I would recommend you to try it out.

I have read up a lot about this procedure and do believe it works, does it work on me? Well, we will find out in 12 weeks. I will have a follow-up post ready for you all in 12 weeks with the very scary before pics hehe! But for now, enjoy two other before and after pics I found on the website.



For more information on Lipo Freeze check out the link here & my Instagram vid here.

Disclaimer: I have been kindly gifted this treatment to review on my blog. All opinions my own. I promise to have absolutely no photoshop on my before and after pics in 12 weeks.