The Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival


The Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival

For the past two years I have been attending the The Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival also known as #VAMFF. It is an annual celebration of fashion, business, and culture.

The Festival is the most stylish Australian fashion event on offer and includes a world-class runway. I first attended as a volunteer and fell in love with how the festival all came together. I experienced everything from printing out model looks at Officeworks, to taping shoes (that is a hell of a task), to cleaning the runway, and setting up gift bags. I even received a gift bag to take home and I left feeling in awe of the industry.

From sitting front row at the David Jones Opening Show to sitting back row at the Target Runway Show, or from the staircase (as a volunteer) it was an atmosphere I truly loved! From the VIP Lounges to the outside activities sponsored by the likes of Priceline and Loreal (lining up for 20-30 mins is worth it ladies as you get a goodie bag full of great items), the festival does not disappoint. You will even get the chance to get snapped by a photographer, or see your fav social media personality. It’s a fun day that will exceed expectations. This is my third year attending and I can’t wait to see Jean Paul Gaultier for Target Runway in March. There will also be a new venue this year! Get excited chickens.

To find out more about the festival visit the website here. Now what should I wear?