Me and fake tan are great mates.

I’ve rocked everything from a tropical glow to Jersey Shore orange in my time. Once I even mistook myself for Bow Wow in the mirror. Legit.

I met him at one of his tour meet and greets and the image of us together is so not cool. (If I ever get famous please do not send that image to Daily Mail!) 

I have been through all 50 shades of orange and have made a lot of mess along the way. My poor couch, my poor car seats, my Mum’s poor towels and sheets.

And let’s have a moment of silence for all those white tops that fell victim to that fatal brown smear. *bows head in remembrance*

Spray Tan Wear is Australia’s first spray tan onesie, smartly named, THE TANSIE! Yep, I’m totally serious.

The Tansie is black, so no staining! The material is soft on the skin and it even has a super cute leopard print in the hood, AND my man says my booty looks pretty sweet in it too. Good to know.

When it comes to fake tanning, I usually do it after a long day’s work. I start with a shower and end up standing around in my towel, looking for something black to wear. Even though most of my wardrobe is black, the struggle has been real.

Now all I have to do is wear my Tansie, and it’s so comfy I’ve even started on sleeping in it.

It’s kept me super warm over the last few weeks and kept my bed, pillow, clothing and towels, tan-free. HALLELUJAH.

If your fake tan obsessed like me, you need a Tansie in your life. As I have no shame, I would totally wear this when walking out of my next spray tan appointment – as long as I was going straight home. I mean, it’s cute, but not shopping in Coles cute, know what I mean? 


When you niece wants in on the pic. A stain free tan free kid is always a plus hehe thank you Aydin for the pic
When you niece wants in on the pic. A stain free tan free kid is always a plus hehe thank you Aydin for the picture.

Spray Tan Wear also stocks a wide range of gorgeous kaftans, perfect for showing off your bang-on tan on your next holiday! Purchase your Tansie here

Disclaimer: My Tansie was gifted to me from Spray Tan Wear to feature on my blog, but all towel staining tales and Tansie love my own.

Editing by Emma Edwards, Copywriter & Social Content Creator