The Coolest Of Cool

Those that know me would know I love a beverage or two. I am constantly carrying a bottle of wine (okay, maybe two) when I head round to friends’ houses on the weekend. I also spend my fair share of time in hotels (#bloggerlyf) so I’m always sneaking a bottle into hotel rooms. Ain’t nobody got time for the price of hotel minibars am I right?

I was kindly gifted a bag from Cool Clutch recently. I went for the Audrey in black (of course) the shape really reminds me of a Michael Kors bag. The Audrey was a lot bigger than I expected, but was perfect for that second bottle of wine I wanted to sneak in for my next staycay in the city!

Do not be fooled, ladies. This is not just another blog post about a handbag. This bag is basically a cooler! Yep, seriously! It’s a cooler on the inside, and a stylish handbag on the outside. Mind blown. Wine aside, it’s great for keeping your work lunch fresh – no more gross office fridges for you! You’re free to carry anything you like in the bag, whether you want to keep your bubbles crisp and fresh or your beer ice cold. 

The bag has a removable pocket, a 3mm insulated wall and a waterproof aluminum foil lining to keep your contents cool for hours.

For only $85, this is such a stylish investment to your handbag collection, ladies. I am so impressed. Defo thinking of ordering the Madi Cool Clutch for my next trip overseas this September.

For more information visit Cool Clutch here.

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