Yep, seems like only weeks ago I logged out and moved over to It’s only been a few months, but it seems has been missed. I have been getting so many emails with collaboration opportunities.

When I transitioned from Insincerely Her to Zerin Hassan I thought I made it an easy one. Change email address, change Instagram handle and re direct my following from to my new home, but it still seemed to be a little confusing for some and that’s expected when rebranding. Things take time.

Do I regret the move? No, I really don’t. I love my new home and the quality of work I put into it. I love working with my photographer on beautiful images. I love working with a copywriter who fixes up all my terrible grammar or grammer lol. I love the simplicity of when I look at I think MESSY! I hate the template; the font just screams mess to me. But it’s also three years of work that I am so proud of. So, it’s not surprising I am still getting traffic on Insincerely Her, even when I have done nothing on it really this year.

After a long think about what I wanted to do, I decided to keep live and not change a thing as so many of you love it. I think as a blogger you can’t help but look at other blogs or Instagram feeds and compare yours. My pics aren’t always great. Some are professional some are just iPhone pics. But I need to calm down my inner critic as I follow a few amazing big-league bloggers and their pics can range from professional to terrible as well. *not even exaggerating* is a community for women. So many women have started their blogs because of mine and that is crazy exciting.

My blog is real and even though my content on is real, I think it’s a little “perfect” at times, whilst Insincerely Her was a little more relatable.

I also decided to keep live as I get a lot of requests for guest submissions on my blog and why not give a blogger or business the chance to share their creativity right?

So here is where I’m at. I now have two blogs to manage (more work your all thinking) yes and no. I always take on more than I can chew. I love it.

I just need to get more organised with my time and schedule more content in. I am excited to get traffic from both blogs and am excited on working with guest bloggers and receiving more submissions over the next couple of months, whilst getting more traffic over at my new home.

So, what does keeping both websites going look like I hear you ask? Well, I will be posting a few blog post a month on and weekly on I guess with blogging it can be so damn stressful and I need to stop comparing my blogs to others and just keep doing me. I know I am not the only one feeling the stress when it comes to blogging.

Has rebranding caused confusion with your blog? Do you manage more than one blog?

Would love to hear your thoughts.