A Sunday well spent brings a week of content

I was pretty excited when the lovely people at Blys pronounced ‘bliss’ contacted me to have a complimentary massage to feature on my blog.. how could any blogger say no to that? #theperkshey.

It has been around 5-6 years since I’ve shamelessly had my last massage. It’s not that I don’t enjoy a massage. I am always gifting friends and family members a pamper session, yet I won’t book myself one!

Blys is basically a mobile massage service that you can book online and a therapist comes into your home/hotel with all the essentials.

It can be a little nerve-racking inviting a stranger into your home but Karina was so lovely and made me feel at ease. Karina brought along the massage table, towels and oil so you literally just have to sit back and relax.

Karina took the time to ask me what I wanted out of the massage along with areas I would like more attention on. As I am a receptionist by day I am constantly sitting, so my back would be my troubled area. I did ask her to stay away from my feet as I am so ticklish hehe. Sure I’m not alone?

I was a little concerned when Karina advised that I had two knots on my back as I have never heard of a back knot before but apparently this is normal and Karina asked if it be okay to perform some remedial/deep tissue on my back.. man that was intense but a good kind of intense and was really what those knots needed! The only knot I want is a top knot haha.

I loved that Karina assisted with the breathing to help the pain on my back. The rest of the massage was so relaxing I was a little worried to start drooling.

As I have been back to working out my entire body was a little tense. I loved that I got to switch off for an hour and not think about all the filling I have to do at work, or the ironing or clean up after cooking tonight… or overdue blogging content haha. I just got to relax and it was truly what I needed to recoup and start again.

I have promised myself to book a massage in more often and not wait another 5 years to get one. I am feeling great, relaxed and in a wonderful mood singing along to Britney, Selena and Katy Perry.. what a perfect Sunday!

To find out massage options check out Blys here.
Disclaimer: I was kindly asked to review Blys to feature on my blog. All opinions my own.