Summer reminiscing

It has been four years since I have visited Red Hill so I was excited to go back and visit some vineyards and enjoy some local produce. Red Hill is located in the Mornington Peninsula area in Victoria. We stayed at Lindenderry. It was my first time visiting the vineyard but I have seen a lot of pictures on Instagram and the place looks beautiful, especially for a wedding.

In between the vineyard and property is a beautiful path and large trees dominate the surroundings. It really is picture perfect and almost doesn’t look real. 



Our room was very cosy and had a country feel to it: it was beautiful to look out from the balcony and see the scenery. I enjoyed a glass of Pinot Gris and some olives at the local restaurant. I highly recommend trying the Pinot Gris. Your welcome wine appreciators.

The property is very quiet but its nice to sit back and just enjoy the surroundings and breathe some fresh air. This is most welcome when I am usually trapped in an office all day rolls eyes!


We decided to go and explore what Red Hill has on offer:

Montalto: The place was buzzing and had a great atmosphere. We both enjoyed a cider which was delicious and went for a walk through the vineyards and wet walk path that led us to what we described as a mini forest. Along the walk was a lot of interesting sculptures which we didn’t quite get but if you are a fan of art you will love it.


The homemade olive oils and Moscato bottles were very unique. I would defo go back with the girls for a boozy lunch and some wine. #hurryupsummer.

The Epicurean: There is a café, store and restaurant. I was on to my third beverage and loved the sparkling I had.  We had the trio of dips which I didn’t really rate, to be honest. We also shared a pizza which actually was delicious. I would go back. Be prepared for a 25% surcharge on Public Holidays though.

IMG_1838 IMG_1833


Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens: The plants and flowers look absolutely beautiful along with the maze wall. We actually didn’t go through the maze but it looked stunning.

I purchased a Jam as I always like to get my mother a little something when I go away- such a cutie I am.  The store also sells gnomes, soaps, and candles so its worth checking out. A lot of tourists came through. We had breakfast and it was terrible. I had the cheese, bacon and egg roll and my partner had eggs on toast. We both couldn’t finish our meals which was odd for us. They just lacked flavour and the presentation was definitely not Instagram worthy. They did make a nice latte but I would never go back for a meal. The decking where we ate looked out onto the garden and maze which made up for our disappointing meals.

IMG_1904 IMG_1905 IMG_1914

I love Red Hill, it’s a nice romantic escape. We stayed at the Kudos Villas four years ago and I would highly recommend staying there.

If you are in the area check out one of many estates that offer strawberry and cherry picking and make sure to have a rose at Port Phillip Estate.

Edit: Kellie Warner Images: Just my iPhone sorry about the quality.