Stingier Then A Stingray

Every social group has that one person who always ends up putting everything on her credit card. Concert tickets, birthday gifts, the brunch bill at that annoying café that doesn’t split bills – everything gets paid for by that one person, and everyone always ‘does them a transfer’ – but half the time, they forget. I am that girl! I’m forever grabbing the bill to avoid everyone scratching around for the right change, and don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind offering. It’s the role of debt collector that I hate. Some people are great and ask for my bank details straight away, but so many conveniently forget.

I’ve had all the excuses – I’ll pay you on the night, I’ll pay you at the concert. Half the time the concert is a year later, which leaves me way out of pocket! It’s the same story with birthday gifts. People get credit for shared gifts they never actually chipped in on – unfair, right!? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve forgotten sometimes too. But it’s always awkward and difficult for the person out of pocket.

*Sings bitch better have my money* LOL, moving on.

I came across a website called Group Together, recently. Basically, you start an online collection of everyone’s funds, and Group Together reminds, prompts and transfers everyone’s money on your behalf. Simple!

You’re probably wondering if there is a fee – and YES there is a small fee, but you can have that split between each person contributing – they can’t get out of that part, either! There’s even a deadline on collections which I think is brilliant, and makes shared payments really fair.

It’s super quick to set up, and you can use cute templates to make your friends smile – and of course, pay you your damn cashola!

I was recently in a bridal party and this would have been a fantastic way to collect payment from everyone attending. Say goodbye to stingy mates and get on Group Together. It’s pure genius – my debt collector days are well and truly behind me. More information can be found here.

Disclaimer: This post was brought to you by Group Together, but all bitterness and stingy mates my own (unfortunately!)