Sparkle Your Way Into The New Year With Chandon S

I am no sparkling connoisseur, but more of a sparkling appreciator. So basically I can sure down a few glasses – know what I mean, ladies?! It’s my go-to drink during silly season, so that makes me an appreciator in my opinion.

I have been a fan of Chandon over the last few years, from the glassware to the breathtaking winery in Coldstream. There is nothing I love more than sharing a bottle with a gal pal over summer.

I was excited to finally try Chandon S. If your a fan of the ‘OG’ Chandon Sparkling and like something with a bit of a kick, you’re in for a treat. Chandon S combines the flavours of zesty orange and bitters, giving your glass of fizz a little extra something.

Simply get out your Insta-worthy glassware, and grab an orange to style – you might want to add a slice, or a sprinkle of the rind. Serve over ice and you’re ready to ring in the New Year in style. Remember to drink responsibly my friends.

This New Year’s Eve is bittersweet for me, but I wish all my friends, family and followers all the best for the year ahead. Thank you for all your continued support with Insincerely Her. See you in 2018.

Check out Chandon S here.

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