Skin Juice Review

With so many brands on the market, finding the right skin care for your skin can be quite overwhelming and expensive. As I am approaching my late 20s (cringe) skin care is becoming very important to me.

Like many working two jobs, I am too lazy to wash my face after finishing work at 4am or after a big night. I just want to go to bed, but my skin suffers.

I reached out to the lovely ladies at Skin Juice who specialise in only the best care for every skin type. I suffer from breakouts. My spots can be quite large under the skin and very painful.

How many times have you visited a beauty counter or doctor and they’ve put all of the blame down to stress, medication, foods and environment? Unsurprisingly, even the makeup you use can play a huge part in distressing your skin without being emotionally stressed out.

So, to begin the cleansing process, I took part in a skin questionnaire so that Rachel from Skin Juice could get a better understanding of what’s going on under the surface.

We started with the Pulp Clarifying Cleansing Paste:

How To Juice:

Gently massage 2-3 squirts onto a dry face with dry hands, splash with warm water and aid removal with face cloth or sponge if required. I personally like to use a sponge as it really helps to get into the skin. I also highly recommend checking out Spud Sponge, the best sponge I have used in a long time.



I then followed this process with the Citrus Juice Oil Control Face Cream, from their range.

How to Juice:

After applying a Skin Drink in the morning, use only a small amount, (less than the size of a pea) warm in the fingertips and massage into the skin, allowing to absorb naturally.

When applying make-up, I usually like to wait around 5-minutes before putting my foundation on, as I like the product to absorb into my skin.

As for my pimples, I started this process at the right time. My skin was very painful and the pimples were very red in the affected areas.


How to Juice:

At home, apply a small amount as a spot treatment or apply to entire face daily or every second/third day. It can be used at night alone or layered with a moisturising product. It can be used under your moisture product if you will not be in direct sun.

Tip: If using Bio Juice, allow the Bio Juice to absorb for 10-mins before liquid is applied.

I like to do this before bed followed by the Green Juice Skin Balm Healthy Organic Skin Saver.

How to Juice:

Warm a small amount on fingertips and massage onto any area requiring protection, healing and moisture. For extra night-time nourishment, layer over Superfood Face Oil, or apply instead of day cream as your Day Quencher.


After three days I did see results in my affected areas. I had a little bit of peeling around my pimples from the Tri-Active Clearing Serum but the Green Juice Skin Balm helped resolve that.

Before using Skin Juice my skin was dull, discoloured and my foundation would not sit well, leaving me looking patchy – which was terrible!

If you have acne affected skin I highly recommend sending an email to a Skin Juice specialist via their website before purchasing, just so that you get the correct product for your skin.

Prior to using Skin Juice, I never used to look at the ingredients in the product I was putting on my face. Skin Juice is affordable, 100% natural, earth loving and not tested on animals.

Before & After

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