Simplicity with Akin

As always, when receiving blogger mail, the excitement is next level and I can’t wait to try my goodies and share them with you guys. Yep, I’ve been blogging for over a year, but I’m still like a kid at Christmas when my blogger mail arrives!

So, what did I get this time?

I received two items from A’kin – a skincare brand that crafts cruelty free beauty products here in Australia. They sent me the Sandalwood & Neroli Pure Facial Cleansing Gel and the A’kin Pure Rosehip Oil.

I’d heard of A’kin in the past so was keen to give these two a try, plus anything with sandalwood is goals, right?

So, the cleansing gel. Designed for normal, combination and oily skin and enriched with vitamin B5, which is a must for glowing skin, ladies.

I used this in the mornings and in the evenings. It really made my skin feel refreshed and clean, and after two weeks I was feeling great.

A’kin advise that you use a toner and moisturiser after cleansing your face, but I didn’t want to use another brand and interfere with this review, so I’ve been going moisturiser free. Don’t judge me. See how dedicated I am to reviewing these things for you, girls?! It’s okay, though. I’ve been using the rosehip oil in the morning and the evenings instead of a moisturiser, so my skin wasn’t dry at all.

Even though I receive so much skincare, I’m not an expert (yet!), so I’m not advocating that you skip the moisturiser, too. It’s best to follow the brand’s advice, but for me the rosehip oil was enough to keep my skin hydrated. Work out what feels right for you.

I’ve actually been ditching makeup at work the past couple of weeks. Hey, if men don’t have to wear it, why should I?! Those who know me well know I can go from looking like Amanda Bynes to Khloe Kardashian real quick. That’s a big change,  but hey, who doesn’t love a double life?! Just call me Hannah Montana, #throwback.

Anyway, I digress.

Rosehip oil has so many benefits. I have featured a few different brands on my blog in the past, but I really enjoyed this one from A’kin as it wasn’t too heavy. I tend to only add a drop or two in the mornings, and then put a little more in the evenings. I wake up with the softest skin after slathering a good amount on the night before.

So after two weeks and a two product routine, it really worked for me as my life is constantly go go go. I think if you’re not really into skincare, but wanna start something that’s low maintenance grab yourself the cleanser I used, and if you haven’t used a rosehip oil before, I highly recommend getting on the wagon.

A’kin products are Australian made, vegan and free from nasties. Yay!

To find out more, visit A’kin here.

Disclaimer: Stark Matthews kindly gifted A’kin products for review on Insincerely Her, but all opinions and resemblance to Amanda Bynes my own.

All editing by Emma Edwards, Copywriter & Social Content Creator