Shake Your Bon Bon

Christmas in July seems to be a thang! I mean, for me personally, getting one Christmas together is hard enough, let alone two – that’s a no from me. But if you’re keen to carry on the Christmas spirit for those who are celebrating Christmas in July, why not get a little creative and attempt my DIY Christmas Bon Bons?

We all know a table is not complete without everyone’s favourite bon bons. I find the hats and bad dad jokes a little terrible to be honest, and let’s not even talk about the terrible prize on the inside. But still, they’re tradition, right? These bon bons are more for a girly Christmas get together, but you can put anything in them to suit your guest’s personalities.

As I get sent a lot of product samples and get some pretty awesome gift bags from events, I thought I would use these items for my girls. Who doesn’t love a lipstick, nail emerald or beauty sample!?

What you’ll need:

  • Wrapping paper (harder paper recommended)
  • Ribbon
  • Tape
  • Fun fillers: Trinkets, lollies, small toys anything you fancy
  • Bon Bon rolls – I got mine from Spotlight but you can use toilet rolls
  • Bon Bon snaps – I got mine on eBay


  1. Simply cut paper to desired size (leaving a little room to cut ends down will help).
  2. Grab a bon bon roll and snap and simply tape to the inside of the roll. Then add your prize of choice.
  3. Place bon bon on paper and roll gently. Add a little tape to secure paper.
  4. Cut down ends if needed and slowly scrunch, and then add ribbon to tie the ends.
  5. Voila! An awesome, personalised bon bon for your Christmas in July celebrations.

It is so easy to add tags or candy canes to make these bon bons even more original and more personal to your Christmas setting.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Tag me in your images with the hashtag #IHChristmasInJuly.

Post editing was provided by Emma Edwards of blogger services company, Kitt Me Out. Find them on Instagram @kittmeout Photographer: Eleisha, check out her work here ladies