Sea Salt with Argan Oil Scrub Review

I have sampled another product sent to me by the amazing Zee. I must say sampling and reviewing products is probably just about my new favourite thing to do at the moment.

The product I used today a body scrub. It was a 100g trial size of a Sea Salt and Argan Oil scrub by Skrub.

I opened the scrub to take a look and smell before getting into the shower. There was no aroma, no colour, and the scrub was the usual consistency. It was basically coarse salt held together with oil which is a great thing because it is obviously a pretty pure product. When I use a body scrub I like to use it well and make sure it doesn’t just wash down the drain … Because where is the point in that?

So I stood under the shower, hair piled up on my head to just wet my body. Then I stood away from the shower spray to use the scrub. It felt nice enough on my skin and did a good job scrubbing. I made sure to concentrate on places like elbows, lowers legs ( makes waxing more effective!) but I used it pretty much all over ( where I could reach!) Of course I didn’t use it on my face and used it very gently around my décolletage area. I  believe that scrubs with any kind of course granules should not be used on the face or any sensitive skin. Of course it clearly says on the packet that it is a body scrub but just wanted to add that to be thorough so you don’t suddenly think you may as well plonk some on your face as well!

A note for those who may not have the same skin as me. I have no skin conditions on my body like acne or psoriasis or anything like that. If you do then a coarse scrub like this my not be for you. Also I used my hands since the scrub did a good job on its own but if you have some problem areas that need extra scrubbing action like knees, heels or elbows then you could probably add a exfoliating mitt or loofah on those areas but be careful.

After rinsing off I found my body felt soft and smooth and it left a film that made me feel moisturised but it was not greasy.

Now the fact that the scrub had no smell and no colour means there are no artificial colours or scents added. So that means chances are it contains Argan oil and sea salt and probably not much else. In fact looking at the website it seems it is sea salt, Argan oil and coconut oil ( you all know how I love coconut oil!)

For those who are conscious of additives in products then this scrub would be ideal. But I have to say, while it did the job the basic nature of it detracted from the pampering element of using a scrub. That could just be me but the simple truth is I could easily make up this scrub myself with products I have at home.

That’s not to say it’s not good, just that it is what it is. A simple natural based body scrub. If you love a good scrub and want something without a lot of extra stuff added and you are not so much a DIY kind of gal when it comes to beauty products then this scrub would suit you perfectly.

Since the scrub is $14.95 for a 200g bag it seems a fairly good buy, plus looking at the store I have found they do a range where different essential oils are added. So I would love to try say the lavender or mojito versions to feel more pampered and have a fuller sensory experience… Because let’s face it mixing it up myself would indeed be very messy!

So that’s it for now. Do you use a body scrub? Do you have a favourite or do you make your own?

Guest blogger Kellie Warner- Check out her blog here.