Say HOLA to the NEW HOLA Rose Replenishing Range

When Zerin asked if I could help her with some skincare reviews, I jumped at the chance. Since I reached the ripe old age of 26, skincare has been on my mind almost as often as Connoisseur White Chocolate and Raspberry ice cream – and that means A LOT.

It wasn’t until I looked back at older photos that I realised that my face is actually starting to do that thing you never think it will. Lines that would previously stretch themselves away are hangin’ around a lil bit too long for my liking, and basically I just look a bit crap all the time. 

So, when three Hola Beauty products plopped onto my doormat, I tore them and began counting down the seconds until the evening when I could implement them into my skincare routine.

One of the best parts about the Hola products is that they explain where in your routine you should implement the products. Which is great for me, because without Google I’d be applying serum to my earlobes and getting my day and night cream mixed up.

I received three of the Rose products, and my research tells me rose is great for skin vibrancy and overall glow. I’ve been using the products on my face for about 3 weeks now, and here are my thoughts:

Rose Petal Replenishing Mask

I love a mask. There’s nothing I love more than a night in with a tasty dinner, snacks, crappy TV and a face mask that I can leave on too long and ruin my pillows with. This one was more of a gel consistency with the petals actually inside, which was a nice touch. The gel feel actually made it really refreshing, because it was so light and not clay-like as I find with most masks. I applied this about twice a week for 15 minutes, and did notice my skin was looking brighter the following morning.

Rose Replenishing Essence

This is sort of like a light serum type product. I put it on underneath my night cream, and found it very hydrating and gave my skin a freshness. And it smells like Turkish delight so yknow, bonus.

Rose Replenishing Eye Cream

Eye creams are my absolute obsession right now. Most of the lines on my face that I mentioned earlier are hangin’ out around my eye region, and aside from never smiling again, the only solution was a good eye cream. Again, more of a jelly consistency, the eye cream was super refreshing. In all honesty I do prefer my eye creams to be more creamy, so I continued using my Clarins one at the same time, but I popped some of the Hola Rose Replenishing Eye Cream on first thing in the morning for a boost of moisture and hydration. Hint: I keep it in the fridge so it’s extra cold. It really wakes my eyes up!

I really love that Hola is a Melbourne-based business. When I saw the address was South Yarra I was really pleased to be buying from a local business.

Big thanks Emma check her out here ladies.