America is calling

Savings. That adult word that I hate.

Of course you need savings for a rainy day, yada yada yada and all that jazz. I know it’s true. I’m just a firm believer in enjoying my life, and like to remind myself that when I leave, all my money isn’t coming with me.

What I’m saying is, buy that Chanel bag, ladies! Hehehe OR get a ‘savings jar’ and save for it. 

Let’s get back on track.

I am going to the States in a couple of weeks. I am so excited as it’s my first time! I did have a little taste of the USA when I went to Hawaii four years ago, and loved every minute of it.

This is going to sound so lame but my partner and I decided to get a money box each and put our loose change in it. His has been going well, mine so so (I pay with card everywhere, so it’s not my fault I don’t have excess coins on the regular!)

Before you wanna rob my house, don’t even bother unless you’re into 5c and 20c coins, in which case come on down.

Basically it’s a little fun and rather than leaving coins in the car or the bottom of my handbag we decided to put them in a money box.

The gorgeous Monika Veith, who owns an Etsy store, reached out to me and sent me the cutest money box I have ever seen. It’s basically a glass jar, and the label is next level and so personal to my trip – and the quality is tops.

I truly adore it, and between now and my trip I look forward to adding all my coins. I’ve gone from my lame savings box to the perfect America fund savings jar! 

I can’t wait to actually take my savings to a bank and see how much we have saved over the last few months from just loose coins.

You’re probably thinking what are you going to do with your jar once you return? Well, I was thinking of saving for my next American holiday, perhaps.. I mean a VEGAS hens sounds right up my ally.

Though, I probably should save for our wedding and adult life, right?!IMG_0346

I also thought I could add restaurant and hotel keepsakes, think cards, matches and random small items that will make the perfect souvenir.

Monika handmakes all her own labels, so if you’re after a savings jar that’s a little more personal, I suggest you checking out her work here.

These also make great gift ideas.

So far I have $26 in my jar hehehe #jokes- guessing that will get me a few hot dogs in NYC.

On a serious note, though, putting your loose change away and opening it end of year would make a great end of year bonus to spoil yourself on a little ‘something something’.

Thank you once again to Monika, I really adore this personal gift.

Disclaimer: My America Savings Fund jar was gifted to me to review on my blog. All opinions and savings my own (with a little help of mamas loose change, too, hehe)! Thanks Chantal aka mama. 

All editing by Emma Edwards, Copywriter & Social Content Creator