Revealing a collaboration with Vaalia and We Are Handsome

I unfortunately couldn’t attend this weeks event held in Sydney due to work commitments…. enter sad receptionist face here!  But I had the pleasure of interviewing the beautiful Laura Dundovic enjoy my short Q&A below: 

How important is fitness to you?

Fitness is very important. Even if maybe I’ve had a few treats in the week, I’ll feel good about myself regardless knowing I’ve been active, it doesn’t matter if it makes a difference to my appearance, it’s just about how I feel. It also helps relieve stress, so it’s not like I’ll go home and take any stresses out on anyone else and puts things into perspective. You’re given one body – whatever you do now to it effects the future you. I look at people who are older, and think about the kind of person I want to be. I want to be someone who is living a long happy healthy life.

What keeps you motivated to work out? 

A new playlist, Spotify, you can search for me. I update it regularly, and the songs on there are only for my work outs, so I look forward to listening to them. It’s like having a new outfit too, that you’re excited to wear – like the new leggings from Vaalia and We Are Handsome. Also I love eating so much, so I’m motivated to work it off!

Tell us about your involvement with Vaalias X We Are Handsome?

I’m a big believer in modern wellbeing and vitality represents that, it’s feeling good on the inside and out, feeling confident and strong both physically and mentally. Both Vaalia and We Are Handsome completely resonate those things too and as active wear is the ultimate symbol of vitality, it was the perfect collaboration to support. The leggings are inspired by the fresh vibrancy of Vaalia with design themes such as floral and dynamic and it’s such a great cause too. All the proceeds from the sale of the leggings ($129 available from go to Look Good Feel Better a community program who help woman with cancer feel empowered and more confident to tackle the appearance related side effects of cancer treatment.

I cant wait to wear my leggings shop here for a great cause. Thank you for your time Laura and Sienna for organizing this.