Rent My Rack

Rent My Rack is a saviour for females around Australia. If you are struggling to find an amazing dress for an event or just don’t have the funds, Rent My Rack is for you!

Why would you want to be caught in the same dress twice anyways, ladies?

The benefits of renting over buying:

– It’s economical. Women can now easily access their favourite designs for a fraction of the cost.

– The dynamic nature of renting designer clothing allows women to switch up their styles as frequently as they like, without having to invest heavily in a new wardrobe or spend painstaking hours at the shops.

– Renting online allows women to order from the comfort of their own home.

– The Rent My Rack customer experience is based on an effortless approach to fashion – dresses are delivered to our customers’ doors and we clean the garments (less washing – yay!).

– Keep up with trends and get access to sold-out items that can’t be bought in-store.

– Renting allows designers to tap into a new target market of loyal followers (those who would not normally be able to justify the cost of an outfit worn once).

– Rent My Rack ensures our customers are never caught dead in the same designer outfit twice.

What designers do you have in stock?

We currently stock designers including: Langhem, George, Nicola Finetti, White Suede, Shakuhachi and Fame & Partners.

We are also accessing other exciting brands through our consignment option (Zimmermann, Scanlan and Theodore, Bec & Bridge etc).

2015 saw us launch into becoming a cosmetics stockist for PONi Cosmetics. We have also

just secured an exciting partnership with A Lifetime, creating millinery just in time for Spring racing.

For those who want to make money from designer items hanging in their wardrobe, how does garment consignment work?

Anyone with a stunning designer dress in excellent quality can consign their item to us for hire or purchase for a small fee. Clients can list their treasures on our website and get access to our growing allegiance of followers. Clients then take the main portion of the sale from their item being hired out or purchased.

The main advantage to this option is our clients are able to access the right target market of buyers straight away. They can also take comfort in knowing that the transactions are performed via a secure website (no giving your bank details out to strangers on social media!).

With Spring racing around the corner, what can we expect to see trending?

Here at Rent My Rack, we particularly adore those women who aren’t afraid to take a risk – whether it’s those wearing a jumpsuit, a two-piece suit, vibrant colours or bright prints; we applaud those with the confidence to be different.

White, white and more white – fresh and simple.

Feminine looks are always on trend with lots of lace, frills and skin.

Aquamarine and light blue have been popular colours in 2015.


Shop Rent My Rack here & check out my favourite dresses to hire in the gallery.