Receptionist Perks

For those who don’t know, I have been in the administrative sector since I was at the tender age of 19. I remember purchasing my first pair of pointed court shoes, thinking I’d be zipping around the city looking like I was straight out of a Hollywood movie. Wrong. I soon learned that running around in heels wasn’t ideal. Back to the black flats it was.

I realised that climbing the corporate ladder wasn’t for me. I tried my hand at being a personal assistant, settlement clerk, and a secretary but my heart was always within a receptionist role.

The best part about being a receptionist has GOT to be ordering catering. No joke. Let me tell you, eating all the leftovers is a dream come true! My colleague Caro and I have lost count of how many sausage rolls and filo pastries we used to eat. It helps when you befriend the caterer too – shout out to Nick who would always brought me extras! #win

I am here to share with you some of my top tips on ordering catering I have picked up over the years.

You can’t please them all: First things first, you will never please each individual. No matter what you order, someone is always going to complain, but don’t worry – for every moaner there’s plenty who’ll love it.

Special requirements: If you can’t find out dietary requirements prior to ordering, get a variety. There’s often someone who is gluten and/or dairy free, vegetarian or someone who has some sort of intolerance. Hey, the last thing you want to be doing is calling 000 ‘cause someone had a reaction to a sanga you ordered, right?!

Delivery or pick up? I would prefer for the catering company to deliver so you’re not struggling to pick up 4 trays on your own. The temptation to scoff the lot would be a killer.

Build relationships: I have formed many ‘customer relationships’ with caterers. Try asking for a discount after a few orders – being friendly and always bubbly always helps! I find the nicer you, the better the offering. Trust me, I have gotten myself free coffee and lunch for many years – and let’s not forget a sneaky little muffin in a paper bag just for me. Awe the perks.

Variety: If you’re constantly ordering for the same clients, variety is a must. Sangas can be boring time after time. Don’t get me wrong I like a sandwich, wrap and toastie! But adding fresh fruit, platters or salads to those standard sandwich orders will really leave an impression. How cute are these mini fruit boxes from Flavours Catering.


Flavours Catering and Events have such a great range for your next office catering order or event. Check out Sydney Caterers. I may not have climbed the corporate ladder but I sure put on a good feast for my teams!

If you need me, I’ll be in the tea room eating left over cheese and salami. Perks, eh?!

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