Prepare for take off.

It’s that time of the year again where my man and I head off on our yearly holiday. This time, to somewhere I personally never thought I would travel to; Turkey. This might seem funny coming from someone half-Turk, in reality I have a Cypriot background (the less-hairy type if anyone asks, haha).

We’re off to create new memories, overindulge on delicious food, sit in the sun till we’re crisp, and have a taste of the real Turkish lifestyle. I’m so excited to see all that Turkey has to offer. But the truth is, holidays always stress me the fuck out. The build-up alone gives me anxiety. From long-haul flights to picking accommodation, it can all be such a drainer. And let’s not forget all that extra cash; spending money doesn’t grow on trees, right?

Deep down, I’m terrified I’ll lose my luggage and be forced to wear souvenir-shop attire. So not blogger worthy. (I couldn’t think of anything worse!)

However, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel since I was 19, and have had mostly positive travel experiences so far.

I’ve picked up a few tips along the way, including over-packing. It’s a must! You need variety, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Packing tips

  • Pack neatly
  • Have all items ironed. (Thanks, mama.)
  • Keep items organised with Globite packing cubes. Perfect for all those sandals and slides
  • Place earrings in small, separate zip-lock bags, to accessorise with ease
  • Keep a small carry-on empty for new purchases.

Airport style While I would love to look like a Kardashian coming off a 14-hour flight, the truth of the matter is, I’ll be looking half-dead with unbrushed hair. I really admire the ladies on my Instagram who look so gorgeous and polished post-flight, but honestly, I’m not that girl.

Effortless comfort is my airport style. I’ll basically be wearing a pair of leggings, Fenty slides, and a jumper – maybe a shirt underneath if I really want to be fancy. Sunglasses and a hat are a must if you’re going to look worse for wear.

In-flight I personally find hand-luggage to be such a drainer; take only what you need. I’ll be taking my Prene bag, which fits all the essentials, along with a small backpack to hold important things like my boarding pass, passport and money.


  • Clean & Pure Cocoa Butter Lip Balm, perfect for keeping lips moisturised on a long-haul flight (essential for a little mid-flight make out session).
  • Onne Beauty Travel Size Cleanser, Body Balm, Complexion Cream and the Konjac sponge for a little freshen-up.
  • The Aroma Co. calming oil and sanitiser spray.
  • Neck Pillows, I cannot travel without neck pillows. Globite have a neck pillow with hoodie! Check it out here.
  • How amazing is this neck pillow with a hood? Perfect for hiding bad hair.
  • Personalised travel tags. (Personalised gear is the ultimate blogger must-have, right?) Perfect for hand-luggage and suitcases, because almost all black luggage looks the same.
  • Books
  • Sleeping tablets
  • Silk sleeping mask. I love my mask from The Goodnight Co.

Makeup When you’re on holiday, less is more. So get those lashes done, ladies. I’ll be visiting Natalie from @nattylishious_lashes, packing a little bronzer, foundation, a few shades of lippy and I’ll be good to go. My must-haves would be the entire #Insta range by Rimmel London. (Their setting spray is life!)

Skin After many years of experience, I’ve learnt that sunburn is not sexy. You end up peeling and looking like you have chronic skin disease. Sunscreen is a must, and I’ll be packing the Amazon Amy Body Sunscreen from Glamourflage.

Skincare From a drying-up in flight to drying out in the sun, skincare is crucial when travelling so stay moisturised. I’m excited to try out DMK Skin after loving my DMK treatment last week. (Catch-up on my Insta post here.

Tan My skin doesn’t tan well on holidays. So I’ll be packing my trusty Vani-T Tan Liquid Sun to keep me golden.

Holiday style Every holiday, I buy a bunch of items that are way too small and show way too much skin. This year, I’m dressing to my shape. I’ve bought many items in a bigger size to feel comfortable, stylish, and not have a total breakdown before heading out! I’m sure Mem will appreciate a breakdown-free trip, haha.

  • Statement earrings
  • Kaftan
  • Wrap tops and dresses Zips are not my friend and you really can’t go wrong with a cropped wrap top, palazzo pants and slides.
  • Swimwear Ugh, swimwear, it’s such a dirty word. Right up there with the other dirty word; two piece. I’ve purchased a few one-pieces but this year I’m attempting a two-piece. Life’s too short to worry about cellulite, right?

Tech There’s nothing like losing power on holiday, when all you want to do is share all those fab snaps you’ve taken. Make sure you’ve packed a portable charger. Keep up with my travels via my Instagram @insincerelyher

Post editing was provided by Souha Intani.