The Pre-Move Declutter

Moving house can be overwhelming and while it can be tempting to just pack up everything you own, it can be a great opportunity for a clear out. Not only will it make your move easier (and cheaper), you won’t be cluttering up your new home!

Here is a list of things to get rid of before your move:


For most things around the house, you don’t need multiple items (especially if you don’t use them all at once) so get rid of those six muffin tins. Keep one and donate the rest to charity if they are in good condition.

Unused Items

If you haven’t used something in over a year or you can’t remember the last time that you used it, then get rid of it (we are looking at you random charging cords).

There is no point in keeping something ‘just in case’. If the case arises that you do need it, you can buy a replacement.

Unworn Clothes

With fashion trends moving as fast as they do, it’s unlikely that piece of clothing that you’ve been holding onto in case it comes back in fashion is ever going to. So like unused items, if you haven’t worn it within a year or can’t remember the last time, get rid of it.

Cosmetics and Toiletries

We are all guilty of hanging onto make-up and skincare way longer than we should (especially that $55 mascara) but now is the time to get rid of it. Did you know you should get rid of mascaras and face masks within 3 months of opening and nail polishes and lipsticks within 2 years?

Look for the open jar symbol with a number on the back of the product, the number will indicate how many months you can use it after opening before you should bin it.

Your skin will thank you for it.


Keep the last seven years worth of pay slips, tax deduction receipts, bank statements and tax return documents but shred the rest.

If they are papers that you might need to reference later on, scan them and keep a digital copy.

For old magazines or newspapers, either cut out the articles want to keep and put in a folder, or if it’s recipes, you’ll be sure to find it online so just get rid of it.

Mismatched or Broken Items

Ok, we all have that cupboard of Tupperware that’s missing lids or a pile of items that need to be fixed (hint, they never will get fixed). Sort through your Tupperware and match up the bases and lids while tossing the rest. Be honest with yourself, if you haven’t fixed an item yet, you never will so just let it go.

DVDs and CDs

When was the last time you watched a DVD or listened to a CD? If you can’t remember, then get rid of them. With all of the streaming options available these days, DVD’s and CD’s have been made redundant.

If you have a DVD or VHS with important memories on it like your wedding or home movies, you can take them to a specialist who will digitise them for you. Just make sure that you have a couple of copies made and store in a couple of places such as the cloud and external hard drive just in case.

Out of Date

It can be easy to loose track of how long you’ve had food, especially spices and condiments!

So check the used by dates of all the food & get rid of everything that is out of date. If it’s expiring soon, try to use it up before you go, otherwise just toss it now.

Written by By Alex Jones on behalf of removalist company Hire A Mover

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