Portugal is the new black…

I had my first taste of Oporto a few years back and I honestly loved the taste. The Bondi Burger is my favourite, along with their selection of dipping sauces. But I have a little confession to make… I thought Oporto was based on Bondi Beach! (blushing in shame)

 After a little research on the company (and constant cravings after seeing the new commercials on the telly), I now know that Oporto is all about PORTUGUESE CHICKEN! The Oporto team travelled back to the motherland capital of Lisbon to put this sexy commercial together… (check it out here) believe me, you’ll be racing to Oporto after you see this! (or booking the next flight to Portugal!)  


 Turns out I wasn’t that clueless after all – Facts are that Antonio Cerqueira (founder of Oporto) opened his first chicken shop in Sydney’s North Bondi serving his delicious Portuguese flame-grilled chicken to hungry Aussies 30 years ago. In 2016, with over 15 million customers a year, we now really have a taste for Portuguese chicken down under.

 I would love to visit Lisbon in the near future… this has inspired me. And if you’re thinking of travelling to Portugal, aren’t you lucky? I have done all the hard work for my lovely readers.


I take the food factor into massive consideration when booking a holiday – who doesn’t want to sample the country’s finest produce?

A Valenciana has the best mouth watering chicken, think fresh not frozen, grilled not fried… wow…I am in chicken heaven.

After you overdose on chicken, then comes the sugar fix. I have been told to visit the birthplace of ‘’pasteis de  Belem’’ or in good old Aussie slang the ‘Portuguese custard tart’.  These can be found at Antiga Confeitaria de Belem in West Lisbon.. custard stalk here.


160808_oporto_day_01_759 160808_oporto_day_01_1094


You can drink like a sardine (Lisbon’s favourite fish) I may not like sardines but man, do I drink like one. Lisbon is full of chic trendy bars to get a cocktail or tres… bars and clubs to check out include Lux Fragil, Bairro Alto Hotel (if you’re after a drink and view) Can you imagine the selfie lighting ladies?



I hate going on a holiday where I can only shop in the souvenir shop in the hotel lobby.  Where’s the fun in that?  I mean how many magnets, shot glasses or keyrings can one person have? Luckily, the Portuguese know all about the healing power of shopping. The Feira da Ladra or Thieve’s Market is THE place to shop for authentic Portuguese wares.  I love markets –helping small business owners, and you can really pick up some really unique goodies. For designer label lovers (including myself) Principe Real is the high end shopping district (think the Rodeo Drive of Lisbon) Bring your credit cards ladies… you totes deserve it.


Ummm have I sold you on Lisbon yet? Just look at these pics! Personally, I think my fiancé should book us a little romantic trip to Portugal asap… he does call me chicken so I think it’s a perfect fit!





Oporto have launched a brand new campaign celebrating their Portuguese heritage and it is very spicy! For more information on Oporto visit their website here.

Photos courtesy of Oporto

Photographer Damien Bennett, Union.