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My interview with Jessica – Founder and Creative Director of Health Lab

Looking for a healthy snack? Meet Jessica founder of Health Lab! Bringing delicious protein balls to the busy babes of the world!

I am loving how refreshing your business is, run by ladies (no bullshit policy) you are my kind of gals! How did your transit from 9-5 to tasty balls? The transition from the 9-5 to running the business full time was a lot of blood, sweat, tears and very long days! But ultimately, I think the turning point was really a change in mindset. I literally woke up one morning and walked into work and resigned. Facing that fear of leaving a steady, stable, comforting ‘career’ was the best thing I’ve ever done.

I find by 3pm I always want a chocolate bar or another muesli bar, how many protein balls are too many? Haha, you can never have too much of a good thing!

What would be the key benefits of eating protein balls? Our protein balls were designed for busy women and that 3pm, sugar-craving hit! So I think the best benefit would have to be managing those sugar cravings with a nourishing & guilt free snack that really satisfies and keeps you powering through your day!

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A few months ago I dragged two girlfriends with me to a fitness workshop featuring one of my favourite bloggers, the stunning Rozalia Russian and her trainer Hayley Roper.

I absolutely loved it and was pretty pumped to see the girls hosting another workshop. The session was lots of fun with a DJ playing amazing tracks, along with a photographer capturing us in our most unflattering poses.

The best thing about the session is the girls take the time to demonstrate each step. They also both take the time for a friendly question and answer at the end which I found very beneficial.

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