So, it seems I have lost my blogging mojo. Yep, I am struggling to write a blog post and I just used the word mojo.

I am even struggling to write an Instagram caption or think of damn hashtags to use! What’s the point? Apparently I am ‘shadow banned’? #fuckyouinstagram

What I don’t understand is, I have all these ideas in my head, especially when I am in the shower or driving, and I really want to share them with you all, but I just can’t find the words to type.

So I get frustrated and shut my laptop and get mad at myself and give up.

Apparently, this is called writer’s block? Am I the only one guessing not? 

Look, I don’t claim to be a writer. I still don’t know the difference between a lot & alot or there and their or where or were I should put a comma!

What I do know is I still love the blogging world but have hit a little bump in the road and need to take a step back. You know, for the sake of my mental state. To be perfectly honest, I am burnt out and exhausted and struggling.

Insincerely Her has been live since 2015. Along with blogging, I have worn a few hats: I have been a student, a freelance stylist, and I launched a small earring line. I worked full time along with a weekend job on minimal sleep for years and moved around 5 times in the last few years. Not to mention all the friend and family drama. I guess, yeah, I am little burnt out.

Has any other blogger experienced this burnt out feeling? Whether its blog-wise or any other reasons – it’s a shit feeling.

Let’s get back on the blogging track.

I am very proud of my blog and its achievements. Over the last few months I have declined so many events and said no to a lot of collaborations. Sure, that’s because some haven’t been the right fit for me and my blog, but also because I just don’t think I can personally write about another lipstick shade or shampoo.

More on this after. Basically, I’ve just decided to re-evaluate the purposes of my blog.

If I wasn’t a blogger and I was watching my Instagram stories or feed I would think, ‘wow, this girl is always at events and always getting items to promote.’ I would be a little envious. Well,  don’t be. Seriously.

Blogging is fantastic and fun to a certain degree, but I am just overwhelmed by this ‘blog’ world. Rather than ‘give up’ which is what I usually do, I had to really stop and think things over. When it came down to ‘give up’ or ‘work on it’, I obviously went with the latter. I’m not a quitter.

As much as I hate the word ‘blogger’, I am a blogger and I can’t imagine a life now without blogging in it. I love receiving items in the mail from companies I admire. I love seeing my two spare rooms full of packages – even though at the moment I am overwhelmed! What an honour to know that companies want to work with me, and people want to invite me to their events.

I have met some really nice people along the way – and, of course, the odd few dickbags. I love it when people send me emails or DMs saying how much they love my blog and how my Instagram stories make them laugh, or how they can relate to me – thank you for liking me for who I am. I honestly can’t explain how much I appreciate it.

I know that sounds cheesy, but it makes me feel really good on the inside. For that, I’ll always be grateful.

I spoke to my partner and my girlfriends about my blog and a professional – a friend, blog mentor, and one of my editors. I don’t know what else to call her… ‘amazing Emma?’!? She’s just helping me find my way with my blog and Instagram from an external perspective. It’s all pretty simple I just need a little guidance.

I felt like I wanted to blog about everything at one stage. I love reading, but do I need to write a blog post about every fucking book or share my fitness journey with you all each time I attempt a challenge? Like, do you seriously care? Time to re-evaluate.

Changes to my blog and mind frame below:

Template: I will never be happy with my template but I will get around to feeling more content with it. For now, it works.

Photos: My photo taking is rubbish, but I have a new iPhone and I will work on it. So note to self Zee – don’t beat yourself up about it. I don’t have the time or money to come up with Chyka.com kind of content at this point in my life. And you know what? That’s okay. I am trying my best.

Photographer: I am hoping to work with more student photographers on a few collaborations to get my pics more ‘blogger worthy’ and get some content I can use more than once. It’s time to get smarter with creativity.

My grammar: It shouldn’t bother me but I feel annoyed at times that my grammar is a little shit, or people emailing me telling me my editors are getting it wrong. I see mistakes all the time on The Daily Mail. I am just writing how I speak: this is me, back the fuck off. As I will be writing less, I have decided to get an editor to look over what I do write, but grammar nazis, PLEASE once again, just back the fuck off. Have you never made a mistake?

Whats next.

Strategy: We are working on a content strategy thanks to the lovely Emma. I told her my concerns, and she listened. She gets me. Can you tell I love EMMA?

Adios content: I will be deleting tabs off my blog and shortlisting my focus in terms of content. Even some content needs to go – okay, a lot needs to go!

Instagram: My Instagram is a bloody mess. I have deleted a lot of images from it. I don’t want to feature my relationship or too many friends pics on there. I need to separate my personal life and my blog, and give myself a chance at a private social life. So, if you want to think me and Mem broke up because there’s no images of him on there, or that me and a friend had a fight – good luck to you! People gonna make assumptions anyway, right?

I will also be posting less – just once a day. May or may not go against me, but we’ll see. That’s my choice.

NO: I will be saying ‘no’ more often. Brands and companies need to understand that blogging takes time, writing content takes time – we deserved to be paid for our work. I will be doing less writing depending on the arrangement with the client, and trying to build my Instagram profile more and showcasing my content more visually, instead of on the blog.

Media kit: I also have a new media kit in the works.

HQ: Headquarters or pretty spare room filled with Kmart furniture? Either way it’s gonna be my little space in my spare room to share more #ootd posts. I love fashion. I miss fashion and its something I haven’t really been featuring on social media as much as I would have liked to. It’s gonna be my little haven where I sit and write – when I want to. Goodbye kitchen table office!

Switch off: I really wanna work on my email response rate. BUT, in saying that, I literally spend so much of my life with my phone in my hands. Every spare minute I get, I am attending to emails. I will be only logging into all blog related work emails at the end of the day and responding to all on a weekly basis which will be at the weekend – with the exception of paid, professional clients, of course.

Personal: My mental health hasn’t been 100% lately. I just want to take some time out and concentrate more on myself and take some of the pressure off my day-to-day life. But, I also want to share with you all my struggles, and write more personal pieces. More me, less lipsticks. *Rolls eyes*. No, I am not dissing lipsticks – but my main focus just isn’t beauty blogging anymore.

Stay tuned for my updates over the next few weeks. I feel so much better knowing that things are getting cleaned up, and having some structure in place is really going to help me be a better blogger.

Are you excited as I am for a new direction on Insincerely Her? Watch this space.

Post editing and photography was provided by Emma Edwards of blogger services company, Kitt Me Out. Find them on Instagram @kittmeout