Oh brother

Firstly, this blog post is dedicated to my older brother Oz. Just recently I tried to explain to him what a blog is. Massive fail. He just looked at me like a stunned mullet and said ‘why would anyone send you anything?’-  little does he know his sister is a Z list socialite hehe.

Jokes aside, as his birthday was coming up I always buy him Adidas clothing or a bottle of JOOP.

Buying gifts is so hard so I’d rather buy him one of those two, as it’s what he likes. No birthday surprise from this sister.

JOOP is a favourite in my household among the men in the family. It’s such an iconic fragrance that smells divine and is at such a good price point too.

With so many fragrances by JOOP on the market you probably wondering which one I am talking about. See image below:


The iconic JOOP which was created by Michel Almairac in 1989. Little history lesson right there for you.

The fragrance is a must in your man’s, brother’s, or Dad’s collection. I was sent JOOP Homme Sport which only launched this year and created by Antoine Le. The bottle is in its signature shape and colour with an aqua touch to it.


The scent is a little softer and fresher – perfect to spray during summer. You can really smell the infused mint, ginger and tonka bean. Overall rating: I love it, and would purchase it. I personally prefer the original as I am used to that scent but this one is still divine on a man.

What did the brother think?

He enjoyed the different scent and loves the fresh fragrance for a day scent but prefers the classic JOOP for night.

Least now I can spice up his birthday or Christmas gifting with a new edition JOOP and a sneaky Adidas tee hehe.

To find out more about JOOP Homme Sport, visit the website here.

Disclaimer: JOOP Homme Sport was sent to me to gift to my brother and review. Many thanks to the good people at Coty PR. All opinions my own.

All editing by Emma Edwards, Copywriter & Social Content Creator www.cocopopscouture.com