So I have heard so much about NYX Cosmetics, but have never really tried the product. I know, I am such a bad blogger!

Priceline Bourke Street opened its doors to NYX Cosmetics recently, and girls had been lining up from 6am – how crazy is that? The first 100 in line did get a free goodie bag, so I do get it ladies, hehe.

The NYX counter was buzzing; girls everywhere, bloggers galore, great tunes and vibe. I was a little overwhelmed and didn’t know what to grab! 

I needed a foundation, so I asked for some help and a gorgeous lady came over to colour match my face. Her name was Brooke. She was actually a well-known makeup artist with around 10k followers, but I had no idea ‘til I looked her up! Felt a little stupid, haha.

Anyway, she applied makeup to my whole face and talked me through the products, which was great. Brooke knew nothing about how I wear my makeup or what I like or don’t like and funnily enough, she pretty much did everything I hate. Blush, smokey eye and penciled in eyebrows. But she couldn’t help it, she didn’t know! #eyebrowngamestrong.

When I looked in the mirror I actually felt pretty. My eyes looked great, but some fake eyelashes would have completed my look.

The foundation was great and very lightweight. The colour looked perfect in store but in the daylight I would’ve preferred it a little darker. I purchased the concealer, which is great for dark eye bags like mine. I have been enjoying using it on the weekends as its great for the corner of my eyes – and it’s $9.95. How good is that, ladies?!

I can completely understand the NYX hype. Great price point, lots of options (literally, where do you start?!) I would like to try more from the collection before I really give my opinion on their products.  I plan on purchasing a few more items in the coming weeks, so stay tuned, chickens!

Thanks to Brooke for doing my makeup so beautifully and being so helpful.

Shop NYX online here:

Disclaimer: I attended the public opening of NYX and purchased the products myself. All opinions my own.

All editing by Emma Edwards, Copywriter & Social Content Creator www.cocopopscouture.com