Naked Minds

Every year in December I buy a diary, make it messy > chuck it out. Then buy another diary, decide why I don’t like it.. Once again chuck it out…. I am constantly emailing myself reminders to my work email address, my personal email. My phone has a million reminders that I don’t follow or notes everywhere.. desk home car!

A couple of months ago I came across these awesome diary on Instagram. The shop is called ‘Naked Minds’ The diary comes in 6 month instalments. You can either purchase Jan- June or July to December. (or both) YAY.

The diary is spiral firstly I love a diary with spiral on the side. So easy to fold. The diary has daily quotes, well lots of feel good quotes, which really help you plan your day. The diary is set to a day page its just so cute and great!

I remember when I emailed the girls my life was a  little hectic and I was a little rude to the girls in the email, so I am sorry about that, but I thank you for sorting out my week and days!

Naked Minds diary’s are the way to go.. start July fresh if your in need of some organising, sample the diary here 

Shop now pics via Naked Minds.

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