My Secret is Your Secret

I was delighted when Kerrie Denton, author of My Secret is Your Secret, reached out to me to review her book. After a little Googling, I was interested to find out more and read the book –  which I finished in 30 minutes, just sayin’.

Once I’d finished, I had to email Kerrie straightaway and tell her the book was just what I needed.

Right now, I work full time as a receptionist. It’s not a career but it’s a job I have been doing since I was 19, and look, I enjoy it – even on a bad day!

Those that follow my blog know that I am the owner of Insincerely Her, as well as my recently launched jewellery line, Confessions. I am constantly replying to emails, organising campaigns, receiving items in the mail, meeting deadlines, keeping active on my social media and attending events. Sometimes I think, am I doing this for nothing?

I have this little dream in my mind, that I will be a full-time blogger in a few years. I’ll work from a beautiful, insta-worthy office in my well-furnished home, and have my own little studio space. That girls, as they say, is goals. And really, my ultimate career dream.

The realistic part of my brain thought, babysteps. Perhaps I could go part time over the next year or so. But with what plan in place? These things were just all thoughts in my head. They’re things I can achieve, I just need a little guidance that I really haven’t thought over.

That’s where Kerrie’s book came in. Obviously, I’m not saying by reading this book, Kerrie will do all the hard work you. It comes down to you getting off your butt and making it happen. Achieving your goals, whatever they are. Weight loss? Saving money? Getting over a guy? Or reaching a career goal, like me.

This has become my goal. My vision.  I love what I do, but it’s me against a million other bloggers, each talented in their own way. I may not reach my goal in 5 years. I might not reach it in 7 years, hell, it might take 10! But that’s okay.

It’s about how I am going to stay motivated, see it, feel it, breathe it and then DO IT!

Girls, I’m not going to ruin any more of the book for you. You can purchase this book here and read this for yourself.

Like I said, the book is an easy read. It’s about taking simple steps to better yourself. These are things we all know, but need reminding of. The nuggets of inspiration along the way make it so worth a read. It’s really made me re-evaluate everything, and given me that kick up my girl boss butt that I needed to keep me going.

This book is great to keep in your handbag. Y’know, for when you’re about to have a freak out (like me!), or you’re just having a bad day. Keep it on hand for that little reminder that you’re a totally awesome lady. We could all do with a bit more of this self-love, girls.  

I look forward to seeing more from Kerrie. For more information visit her website here and Instagram here remember:

You ARE the secret, you ARE the power, you ARE the creator of your own destiny, You alone can bring about your success. However, it does not just happen. You must be prepared to put in the hard work. And that’s what I plan to do.

Disclaimer: My Secret is Your Secret was gifted to me to feature on Insincerely Her, but all opinions, inspiration and kick-ass attitude my own.

All editing by Emma Edwards, Copywriter & Social Content Creator