My Interview with Victoria Montano‏


From property to online retailer, how did the change in career come about?

I come from a long line of fashionistas – my mother had a very successful accessories business and my grandmother was the head buyer for Mark Foys, so it has always been a bit of a dream to go into fashion. However, the catalyst for change was my son. Being a mother first and foremost and wanting to do something that would mould to ‘us’ rather than the other way around. PLUS, also seeing that there was a gap in the market here is Australia for online luxury designer kids brands. Add to this that the minute I became a mother was the minute I became a 99% online shopper- and I thought, hey, this needs to be online as mummies just don’t have time to shop!

Where do you look for inspiration when sourcing items?

My inspirations comes from two places – one being travel. We spend a lot of time in Europe so I am a keen researcher of children’s fashion (and women’s fashion too I might add!). However, part of my inspiration in selecting the garments I do is to create complete wardrobe solutions for mothers. So each piece in each collection should ultimately tie back with the others. This gives mothers more confidence in styling, plus allows them to create full wardrobe solutions for the little ones.

I love that your website caters to boys, girls and mothers, do you plan on expanding and launching a ‘dad’ section in the near future?

The plan is to offer men’s swimwear in the coming seasons if we see that there is a place for it. B Lux is a huge fan of the daddy child matchy match scenario!

What can we expect to see from your soon to be released Nursery range?

We are very excited about this! This should be good to go for March next year, possibly Feb! We have three complete suites- boys, girls and unisex. The pieces are extremely luxurious but very bohemian at the same time. We designed them with influences and reference from Marrakech and the exotic Ryad furniture one finds there. The two hero’s of the collection are the cot, which is honestly breathtaking and our fabulous nursing chairs. They are completely different from anything else on the market. They are grown up interiors pieces for parents who like their baby’s rooms to flow on from their household interiors.

What is the current trend in kid’s fashion?

In the luxury market – where B Lux sits, we have found that the best selling products are the timeless pieces; The elegant cuts and the classic colours. Limited edition fabrics and amazing prints.

Our business is a special occasion boutique. We offer cutting edge designer clothes that will never go out of style for birthdays, christening, weddings and religious events and other special times of the year.

The highest sellers for boys since we launched have been the Pom D’Api loafers and the Petit Bateau knits. For girls the gorgeous dresses from Lemoniz and Lili Gaufrette have been very popular too!

How do you balance having a career and raising such a young family?

It’s really hard. The only way I have found it possible to balance everything is to not put any pressure on myself to be perfect. Sometimes my son has to come to work. Sometimes my husband has to be a bit cranky with me!



What would be your top three tips to new mums who plan on going back to work or starting a business with a young family?

Do it for yourself and for yourself only. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing it is going to be a nightmare of gargantuan proportions. The positives are it allows you to be independent. The negatives are that things do fall apart a little at home. Be prepared for that. And if you can – get a nanny or bribe your mother. You need hands on assistance other than day care to run your own business from my experience. It’s the last minute things that pop up that throw you.

If you could style one celebrity toddler who would it be?

I play favourites with my favourite  – there is only one… Pixie Curtis. Without doubt the best mannered 4 year old ever born.


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