My Interview with Tully Humphrey

A few months back at a fitness workshop I had the pleasure of attending a short yoga session with the amazing Tully Humphrey. Not only is she is a Yoga teacher, she is also the brains behind Tully Lou active wear. Workout gear can be boring and sometimes unflattering. I used to wear the most ugliest sportswear but am a big believer in investing in quality gear, not only will you look great but you will also feel more motivated. Enjoy my chat with Tully, she is very inspiring and I can’t wait to attend one of her classes again. Oh and she has over 42.9k followers on Instagram.. follow her journey here

Congratulations on being so young and running a business. How did Tully Lou start?

Thank you! The idea of TULLY LOU started in 2011. I was recovering from an eating disorder and depression, I was in a yoga class one day and was looking around the room at everyone and all the woman were all wearing black … boring black leggings and baggy black t–shirts. Their outfits were not very inspiring, they didn’t make you feel inspired to want to work out.

I was then working in the fashion industry and I knew I wanted to still work in fashion, but I was also so passionate about health and wellness. I packed my bags, went off and did a yoga teacher training course and then started designing my range TULLY LOU, to help women around the world feel inspired to work out and look after themselves. If I could change this by designing workout gear that made them feel good, whilst working out then that’s what I was going to do/create!

I am so excited to see trendy active wear, what is your current best seller?

Our parna pants especially in the black/white/mesh combo! They are awesome to work out in and also so versatile; you can throw them on with a leather jacket and converse sneakers for a lunch or shopping date.

I am the worst at sticking to a fitness plan, what are your tips on staying motivated especially with the cooler months ahead?

I know it can be so hard especially when it’s freezing outside and dark! To stay motivated I think one of the key points for me especially, is the feeling after you work out! All the endorphins that are released after your workout mean you sleep better and you are a happier person. All these key points are my motivation!

Favourite guilty pleasure?

My mums chocolate self-saucing pudding! Unfortunately its not refined or sugar free, however my motto is everything in moderation.

Celebrity you would love to see wearing Tully Lou?

Elle Macpherson or Eva Mendez. Two extremely fit, beautiful, healthy and successful ladies!

Check out the range here