My Interview with Robbie from Uncle Jack

Looking for quality watches at even better prices? Uncle Jack is the store for you. I prefer a leather strap over a trendy fashion watch (Mimco or Michael Kors etc). I think a leather strap is more classic and an investment piece. Enjoy my interview with Robbie.

Where did the name Uncle Jack come from?

We never revealed the meaning behind Uncle Jack! Let’s just say we wanted to create a mystery and tell the story of Uncle Jack.

How did you start your business?

Uncle Jack started (and remains) in Melbourne, Australia. It was started with 3 young entrepreneurs that saw a need in the market for a unisex timepiece that was minimalist by nature. The response so far has been huge and we are now selling to 40+ countries around the world!

What is your current best seller?

The best seller this season has been our Black-Black timepiece. Black is very much in vogue at the moment, especially with accessories. Our latest release of the Black-Black sold out within hours. It can be seen here

The best business advice you have been given?

I have been given a lot of good business advice thus far in my entrepreneurial journey. I have some great mentors with ‘big business’ experience. I would say one of the most interesting pieces of advice I have received from a mentor was “once you understand people, that’s half the battle”. Thus far I have found this to be true – whether it be customer service, marketing, networking or sales.

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