My Interview with Joanne Dampney

If you missed my previous post on Skin Juice check it out here. For now, enjoy my interview with the juicy creator of Skin Juice, Joanne Dampney.

How did the skin juicing story come about?

I had always had a love of nature from growing up on my parents farm in Narrabri, NSW. When I started my beauty therapy training I didn’t really fit the normal mold at the time, As I  had a deep love of aromatherapy and Ayurvedic principals. All the skin care ranges we were using were French or highly fragranced and loaded up with unnatural ingredients. When I had the opportunity to start up my own salon I knew it was time to follow my passion and create a product that I could truly stand behind. It was in my salon in Cooks Hill, Newcastle in 1996 that my first formula was created. It has been a long uphill journey from a time when natural and organic products were not at all popular or understood to now, when they are appreciated.

I, like many, used to find it a hassle to cleanse, tone and moisturise in the morning. How important is it to look after your skin?

It is super important to protect and nurture your skin, it is your largest organ and you need it to be healthy for the long haul of life. Skin Juice’s routine is unique in the world of beauty, we don’t cleanse in the morning, only at night. We have a healthy skin daily diet that consists of 2 easy steps in the morning and 3 at night. What you are feeding your skin is also super important, so many products today contain a cocktail of nasty, toxic ingredients that do more damage than good.

Tell us about your amazing range. What are the key items needed for beautiful skin care and body care.

At Skin Juice we believe that true beauty is revealed by being your authentic self.
We believe in making empowered, educated choices and looking after what you have been given. At Skin Juice we choose the best ingredients nature has to offer and turn them into a healthy skin digestible diet for your face and body.
We believe that each skin needs a unique healthy mix of – Antioxidants – Essential fatty acids – Minerals – Vitamins – Lipids – Acids and Enzymes. Each persons skin is different and has different needs depending on their genetic make up + environmental factors.
Skin Juice puts a lot of time and effort into training hundreds of beauty therapists throughout Australia in detailed skin consultation and how to recommend the best healthy skin diet for every person that comes into their salon.

If you could be one entrepreneur for the day who would it be and why?

I would have loved to have been Steve Jobs when he reclaimed the reigns of Apple. His grand vision and conviction was phenomenally inspiring to me.

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