My interview with Daniel P Stylist

I am so excited to feature Daniel P Stylist on my blog. I am such a fan of all his work. Daniel is defo one to watch in the fashion industry. I love his editorials and personal styling, especially on the beautiful Sophie Van Den Akker.

How long have you been styling for?

I have been styling for almost 3 years professionally, before that I was working as a Visual Merchandiser for several Boutiques and Designers nationally. However, I feel I’ve been styling my whole life, since a young age I’ve always had a fascination for putting together outfits, creating new ways to wear garments and sketching looks from my imagination.

What has been the greatest achievement in your career?

My greatest achievement in my career so far is establishing relationships with Designers and PR agencies within the industry. Without such I wouldn’t have any beautiful things to play with! I never thought I would have been invited to MBFWA in Sydney this year, but through these relationships I was, it was such an overwhelming yet validating experience.

What would be the worst trend you have seen to date?

Worst trend to date… just 1?! Oh dear, um… I’m going to shock and outrage a few people for sure, but I am not a fan of people wearing sneakers with everything at the moment. Even in Editorials and on the Runway, I just find them so basic and unflattering. Not the worst trend I admit, but someone needs to throw some shade on the fad. Swap your Nike’s for a chic flat or a pair of kick ass boots.

Who would be your dream client to style?

My dream client to style, and because I feel she needs it (and I’m a huge fan) would be Britney Spears. Yes, she needs a good bra, to ditch the mum dresses she’s been flogging and bring back some classy sex appeal. Her body is amazing still, it can look flawless with the right garments, and it would also improve her confidence. I’d also love to do an Editorial with Madonna, Rihanna or Miley Cyrus, I feel they all bring so much spunk and personality to their photo shoots – they change up their looks and take risks, seeing what they deliver always excites me!

The worst part about being a fashion stylist is?

The worst part about being a Fashion Stylist is all the work that goes un-noticed. Really, we work so hard, communicate back and forth, do heaps of prep work, obviously work on the day of the job and then have heaps of post work as well. That’s why you really have to be passionate about this industry, and love what you do, because it isn’t easy! Putting in all the hard work also makes the reward of accomplishment so sweet, I love seeing my creations come to life, from an idea in my head to an image in reality.

If you could go back in time and re live any moment what would it be and why?

To be honest I’m not sure … I am always looking towards the future, I don’t like to look back. I tend to reflect in the moment and move on. It’s easy for people to become complacent with their lives, especially at my age, so for me it is important to keep pushing myself, seeking out opportunities and smashing the limits of my abilities.

Check out Daniels work here