My interview with Camilla Counsel

You may remember Camilla from My Kitchen Rules. Camilla Counsel and Ash Pollard were no doubt the stars of the series, going all the way to the semi-finals. Now we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing this gorgeous girl.


If you could describe your MKR experience in one word, what would it be? 


From the beginning to the end, I never had any idea what would happen next – where we would be cooking, or what the challenge would be. I suppose I entered the competition with no expectations on how Ash and I would perform, and each week I was nervous and surprised to see how we had progressed. It’s definitely not something you can prepare yourself for.

How do you balance being a socialite whilst completing a law degree? 

I wouldn’t really call myself a socialite – I suppose it’s a term the show gave Ash and I and we’ve decided to run with it rather than fight it. But I must say studying law takes up so much time, and that it is very difficult to get that work/study/life balance correct. As I’ve just launched a blog and have a few other projects in the pipeline, it gets difficult keeping on top of everything! I suppose I just remember to keep healthy and active, write A LOT of lists and learn to prioritise.

Where do you hope to see yourself in the next 5-years? 

Well you’ve asked a tough one here! Last year I would have said, “in a top-tier commercial law firm, working my way to the top” but now, after the whole MKR experience my whole perspective has changed. I’ve seen how much people love following what I’m doing and the way that it can really impact upon their lives. I want to help educate people about how to live a healthy lifestyle and how to love themselves – no paleo, sugar free, gluten free, fat free and so on; just how to make good healthy food, that makes you feel like the best you.

You have been a volunteer for the KOALA Kids Organisation for the last three-years. For those who don’t know about the foundation,how can we get involved to assist the families and children affected by cancer? 

KOALA Kids (Kids Oncology and Leukaemia Action) is such an incredible organization, raising money to provide the little things to families affected by cancer. What I love about KOALA Kids, is that it is completely volunteer driven, absolutely nobody in the organisation is on a wage. This means that 100% of money donated actually goes to help the lives of families and children affected by this horrible and debilitating disease. The best way to get involved would be to look up their website, or visit their Facebook page: and see if you can help out at any of our events either by personally volunteering or having your company sponsor.

The organisation is very open to welcoming people who want to help – every little bit counts!

Congratulations on your blog, it looks fantastic and I’m loving all of the recipes. What can we expect to see on the blog over the next few months? 

Thank you! There are so many exciting things coming up over the next few months. I’ll be taking over the Prahran Market Instagram at some stage, so you’ll be able to read all about the fun things I discovered there; I’ll have some top steak cooking tips from Adam North of Hopkins River Beef and Entrecôte; and an exciting collaboration with Anna Webster from Masterchef – just to name a few!

Favourite shopping destination in Melbourne? 

Gosh – tough question!! I must say, I do love shopping at Eliza Baker in High Street Prahran and also Camelia in Ripponlea. I’ve already featured Camelia on my blog and Eliza Baker will be coming up soon. I love both these stores because they house such amazing collections of contemporary, local and overseas designers. My favourites in particular are, of course, the local designers – Mela Purdie in Camelia; and Aurelio Costarella and Maya McQueen in Eliza Baker. Divine! 


”Edited by Souha Intani”