My Interview with Bec & Marissa AKA Twice Blessed

Stunning Twins > Fashion Forward> Melbourne based > and over 45.5k followers on Instagram. Meet Bec & Marissa, bloggers at Twice Blessed.

How did the name Twice Blessed come together?

Probably because of our faith. Our response when people have asked us what it’s like to be a twin has always been that it’s the biggest blessing (because let’s be honest, it’s amazing always having your bestie by your side).

Coming into winter what are your winter wardrobe staples?

Definitely a big black coat, chunky cable knit scarf & beanie (especially a beanie with a pom-pom on top.. because they’re the cutest). Winter is probably our favourite season (minus the rain and wind), because we get to play around with layering and textures!

Current favourite on-line shops to purchase from?

We’ve always been a big fan of ASOS, purely because you can get a mixture of on-trend & timeless pieces at reasonable prices. We’ve both actually just placed two ASOS orders each in the last week! Whoops haha!

Best part about being a blogger?

Having such an amazing network of people who genuinely love what you’re doing. We absolutely love our little Instagram community because they’re there to support us and encourage us. Makes all the hard work worth it!