My Interview with Alyce Tran from The Daily Edited

I had the pleasure of Interviewing the brains behind this amazing brand The Daily Edited. Alyce Tran is a lawyer by day and creative by night. Alyce and Tania Liu have designed a beautiful personalised brand of desk accessories, stationery and personalised leather goods. With over 36.6k followers on Instagram, this is a business destined for even bigger things.

Where did the concept for The Daily Edited come about?  

The Daily Edited actually started as a blog aimed at professional women like myself (hence the name). We then added an online store where we sold our own line of clothing, again, aimed at the professional woman. It was only with hindsight that we realised all of the challenges of launching a business into a very saturated and competitive space and moved to where we are today with our boutique; with our line of products that are so versatile and work in a range of contexts.

There are a lot of other businesses in the accessories and stationery space, but I think how we have brought the two together and kept the fashion bent on the stationery is really unique. Why not sport a fashionable document clutch to a meeting and sit at a desk that is perfectly accessorised, especially if you’re there for more than 8 hours a day?

I am loving the personalised leather goods. It’s such a personal and thoughtful addition to a gift or personal purchase. What’s your current best seller?  

Thanks! Our current best seller is our black pouch, we cannot even produce enough to keep up with the demand. It has become the new must-have. What’s not to love; black, the perfect size and gold initials and hardware? It goes with everything!

How long has your business been running for?  

The Daily Edited launched in October 2012, so what you see didn’t happen overnight!

It’s so inspiring to see you are a lawyer by day and run a creative business by night. How do you balance it all out?

My friends say I’m always working, I just try to stay on top of everything as it comes in, this mantra applies to both my legal work and work for The Daily Edited. I try to attend most events and outings I’m invited to even if it means I have to check my phone and deal with urgent items.

What can we expect so see next for The Daily Edited?

We have a very exciting few months ahead of us, we are rebranding to TDE as The Daily Edited is becoming a bit of a mouthful, overhauling our site and running a huge campaign with a blogger everyone loves!!


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