My interview with Aaron Favaloro

Aaron Favaloro is the talent behind some of the most recognised fashion illustrations you may have seen on Instagram.

Aaron has collaborated with Estée Lauder, Swarovski and Harper’s Bazaar, and has a huge celebrity fan-base admiring his work.

Enjoy my interview with Aaron.




At what age did you realise you had a creative flair and started illustrating? 

I’m not really sure. It’s something I’ve just always done. There wasn’t a moment where I can remember thinking “I like drawing”. I’ve just seemed to have always loved sketching. I have always loved to daydream and to create in my mind, the clothes and fashion that I would love to see, and have always drawn on whatever I could to illustrate the fashion swirling in my imagination.

With over 50k followers on Instagram and so many illustrator wannabes making their debut, how do you keep your followers coming back for more? 

I really do try and create illustrations I myself enjoy. For me, every illustration is a chance for me to do my best work. As a creative I never finish an illustration and think that it is perfect, I don’t know what drives me but I always want to improve. It is quite frustrating at times because you feel nothing is ever good enough. Maybe that’s what the audience enjoys. I also hope that they see that I love to have fun with my work and enjoy injecting a sense of fun into each illustration.

What has been your career highlight to date? 

I have had the pleasure of illustrating for Oprah with her dogs, that was a surreal moment. Another highlight was having my work in Harper’s Bazaar Australia; to see my work in such an incredible publication was mind-blowing.

If you could pick one favourite illustration you have completed, what would it be and why?

It would have to be the first illustration I did of Olivier Rousteing and a few of his supporters wearing Balmain; It was one of the first illustrations re-posted and was the first piece that started me on this path of illustrating.

Check out Aaron Favaloro Illustration on Instagram here you can also shop his illustrations here 

Edited by Souha Intani