My first microdermabrasion

Yesterday I had my first ever express microdermabrasion at my local Laser Clinics Australia. I was really looking forward to this treatment as I have heard nothing but good things about it. 

I was booked in at 4.55 but didn’t get my treatment until 5.30. I won’t lie I was a little annoyed. I was asked to go for a walk around the shopping centre or asked if I would like to book in at another time but since I was already there I didn’t want to rebook. I am time poor enough as it is.

I understand that these things can happen. I had to fill out a new patient form and I received my consultation in the waiting area.

The therapist took the time to talk to me about my skin concerns and products I currently use and aftercare of my treatment, along with products I should purchase.

As I am fortunate enough to be in the position to get products sent to me to review I didn’t purchase any on offer but have heard really good things about Skinstitut and would love to try it out at some point.

I finally got into the treatment room and had to wear a hairnet and my therapist explained to me what she would be doing during the treatment. She basically used products on my face and a really interesting tool that she said would feel like sandpaper or best to describe as sandpaper. It didn’t feel rough at all and I enjoyed the process on my skin.

I was asked if I would like to leave the final step on my face or if I would like to wash it off. I choose to keep it on for better effect. It basically was a mask but felt as though I was wearing a moisturiser. It was really refreshing and my skin felt great.

The express microdermabrasion was only 10 minutes, the 20-minute microdermabrasion involves a lot more steps which I look forward to trying in the near future.

My face felt soft and tighter around my cheeks and those annoying little inside pimples on my forehead appeared bigger which didn’t concern me one bit as I would rather them all be out.

I wasn’t red or itchy I just felt a little warm at times around the face like I had sweat but didn’t if that makes any sense?

Interesting fact I was told to change my pillow to prevent bacteria appearing on my face along with not going to the gym for a day basically anything that was gonna make me sweat was a no go.

For those who are new to the microdermabrasion world like me. Microdermabrasion treatment is performed to help the appearance of your skin. The treatment can also help reduce pigmentation, fine lines and acne. 6 treatments are recommended for results.

Overall I was really happy with my therapist and how she performed the treatment. I am disappointed that I had to wait over 40 minutes to go into my treatment, considering I got there a 4.30. During my treatment, I was advised I would receive some samples to but got nothing on my way out.

I felt bad that the therapist had to stay back also to perform the treatment on me but she was kind enough to offer me a complimentary session for the afternoon’s trouble.

I will be going in for another micro in the next two weeks and look forward to updating you on my skins progress via my blog and socials.

As it was getting late I didn’t get a chance to take any images during the treatment but here is a pic of my skin after treatment. It’s day two of my treatment and my skin has had no side effects what so ever and again I feel a lot tighter in the face and fresher.


I am a regular at Laser Clinics Australia as I get my laser hair removal at the clinic. Their prices are fantastic and they always have sales on. I highly recommend checking out Laser Clinic Australia for a skin treatment, laser hair removal or cosmetic injection here.

Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted a voucher to review the above treatment to feature on my blog. All opinions my own. Big thank you to Sarah Humpries Agency and the staff at LCA.