Mirelle Dress by Misha Collection

After seeing Nadia Bartel in the Mirelle Dress by Misha Collection I just feel in love with the detailing of the dress, the gold tones along with the length and not to mention convenient arm straps. My arms might be thin but they are getting cellulite on them (joys hey) as I have no boobs I just look broad in anything strapless (the off the shoulder trend is truly a blessing for my broad sisters out there).


I didn’t really want to spend $420 on a dress but as I left this event to the very last minute I literally had no other option! Even better I sold it on Ebay for $410 so basically got to wear it for free! Massive win as I don’t like to repeat outfits no offence, Kate Middleton.


The dress is stunning and comes in three different styles shop here.